Packing for an expedition may be more difficult than an 8 hours walk - well, at least this is what we often hear from adventure lovers. What to take and what to leave at home? How to take the right amount of food? How heavy it will be? Will that banana survive in the sun? Will I have enough calories to stay energetic? What about the dessert?

Well, you deserved one!

These and many other questions might become a headache for some of you, and we know how you feel - we’ve been there ourselves! Many of our team began their camping and expedition experience like many would choose - by trying to save money and spending a few hours shopping & cooking. However, if you ever spent a few days walking with a full backpack of home prepared food on your back you know how it might feel - heavy and uncomfortable weight, food which lost freshness or poured out, all those mashed bananas and other minor things which makes your camping experience not as exciting as it could be.

It all depends on personal preferences and what’s good for one might not be so good for another so here we would like to share our choice when it comes to expedition food and meal planning for a few days out with nature. Here are some tips from personal experience:

  • No matter where we would go for camping, it usually involves a full day of walking and carrying all the equipment with us, so we want to be as lightweight as possible. Freeze dried expedition food allows us to save at least 50% of the food weight, which is one of the main reasons we go for lightweight food only.
  • Taste and freshness is particularly important aspect to consider, especially in the summertime when food can go off very quickly. All the food we sell has long shelf lives and is created especially for camping and expeditions so you do not need to worry about the weather.
  • When your backpack is stuffed with things it is very easy for food to pour out or the fruits to be mashed. Therefore, leak-proof packaging saves our time and keeps our nerves.
  • In order to stay active, we need to take proper calorie intake and keep a balanced diet all the way through to our final destination. Whilst it might be difficult and time consuming to calculate the calories of home-made meals, our ready to eat meals come already balanced and easy to prepare (just follow the instructions).

Having said that, here is a 3 day camping meal plan for you as an example how to enjoy the expedition with maximum nutrition and minimal weight. This plan was created keeping in mind:

  • the weight - all meals weigh just 2 kg 71g
  • nutritional value - mixture of protein, carbs, fats and natural vitamins
  • calories you need to consume to stay energetic and active
  • Variety

Please note that we are not nutritionists and this is our suggestion only.

3 day camping meal plan

Product List

Day 1

Breakfast - Coconut Porridge with Blueberries, Figs and Chia Seeds - 518 kcal

Snack - Choco Crisp Protein Bar - 152 kcal

Lunch - Posh Pork and Beans - 510 kcal

Dessert - Ginger Pudding - 584 kcal

Dinner - Vegetable Chilli - 366 kcal


Day 2

Breakfast - Fruit Muesli - 416 kcal

Snack - Wild Berry Mix - 339 kcal

Lunch - Beef and Potato Stew - 624 kcal

Snack - Dark Chocolate Energy Bar - 260 kcal

Dinner - Chicken Tikka, Chickpeas & Rice - 459 kcal


Day 3

Breakfast - Scrambled Egg with Cheese - 586 kcal

Snack - Exotic Pleasure Fruits Mix - 112 kcal

Lunch - Beef Bolognese and Pasta Shells - 420 kcal

Dinner - Cod in Creamy Curry Sauce - 455 kcal

Dessert - Chocolate Chip Dessert - 476 kcal


Let us know what you think and if this meal plan was helpful.

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