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DofE Expedition Food - The Best Choice for 2019

Duke of Edinburgh award is something a young person must experience at least once in their lifetime. This flexible programme helps to develop young people for life, it pushes personal boundaries to gain new skills.

Each year, Duke of Edinburgh gives a list of recommended kit which is designed to help challengers to enjoy the adventure at full power and without adding too much weight to your backpacks. This year Wayfayrer is the food of choice for DofE and if you are not familiar with Wayfayrer yet it will be our pleasure to introduce you this brand.

About Wayfayrer Expedition Food Packs 

Wayfayrer trusted by thousands of people

Recommended DofE Kit List


About Wayfayrer Expedition Food Packs

“Real food for the real outdoors” - this self-explanatory slogan says it all. Thanks to it’s tasty ready to eat expedition meal pouches, Wayfayrer has become one of the leading brands across Europe, offering many meals with a fresh taste whilst on the go to the biggest adventures. But what’s so special about this brand and why should it be chosen above others?

Forget artificial preservatives. Wayfayrer pay great attention to meal preservation and apply strict controls to the cooking process, which uses a combination of heat and time, together with the durable packaging, and therefore eliminates the need to use artificial preservatives. Thanks to this advanced process, Wayfayrer meals can remain fresh for up to three years (if unopened and intact within the pouch).

Stay balanced. These days balancing your diet might be a headache rather than a pleasure but Wayfayrer did all the hard work for you and carefully selected every single ingredient of each meal to provide you with a range of nutritionally balanced great tasting meals. Whether you will be pursuing your Duke of Edinburgh Award or maybe just accomplishing your personal goals, the Wayfayrer meals will help you maintain your energy levels whilst pursuing you passion for the outdoors.

Choose what you want. Wayfayrer expedition food packs come in various fantastic choices, so there’s sure to be a flavour to suit every taste. The meals are available in 200g (puddings) and 300g (main meals) pouches which are both super easy to carry. You have an option to eat these pre-cooked wet meals hot or cold, and the preparation of heating these meals takes minutes!

Go extreme. Fancy reaching the top of Ben Nevis? Plan an expedition in the French Alps? What about Santiago de Compostela walk? Or maybe you just want to be prepared for every possible weather condition? No matter how extreme your expedition would be, Wayfayrer package is designed to withstand the extreme conditions, whilst keeping the food inside fresh.


Wayfayrer Trusted by Thousands of People

Since Wayfayrer started the production in 1993, they have sold more than 4 million expedition food packs which are currently available in three continents including Europe, Africa and Australia and are chosen by many people.

Indeed, the name of Wayfayrer appears in Recommended DofE Kit list as the number one choice of expedition food for those seeking to get the Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2019. So if you have not tried the Wayfayrer yet, give it a go to have your own opinion about this brand and let us know if you liked it in the comments section below.

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Recommended DofE Kit List

This list is an essential checklist when preparing the kit you need for your DofE expedition. All the items in the list are carefully tested by Duke of Edinburgh Award team members and expedition teams, so you know it’s a good value for money and fit for expedition. Duke of Edinburgh Award keeps updating their DofE recommended kit list every year and here is the latest version for 2019.

Browse the DofE recommended meals.

Check the full range of expedition foods.


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