Real Turmat Freeze Dried Expedition Meals

Real Turmat freeze dried meals are one of the most popular ranges of lightweight backpacking meals at Base Camp Food. There is a range of different recipes to try and they are some of the tastiest freeze dried meals available in the UK.

Real Turmat meals have a long shelf life and all our meals are available with free UK delivery so it's very easy to give one a try on your next trip outdoors.

Real Turmat Freeze Dried Meal Recipes

Real Turmat Backpacking meals - Preparation

Real Turmat Freeze Dried Vegetarian Meals

Real Turmat High Quality Expedition Food

Real Turmat Freeze Dried Meal Recipes

Base Camp Food has a wide range of Real Turmat expedition meals, which include vegetarian freeze dried meals, gluten free backpacking food and freeze dried breakfast expedition food.

Take a closer look at our Real Turmat Chicken Curry which is one of our most popular Real Turmat backpacking meals. It weighs in at only 132g and contains 627Kcal of energy. A tasty combination of rice, chicken, onion, peppers, pineapple, chicken stock and curry spices - it is not too spicy but really hits the spot on taste. One of our go to meals when we are heading out for a night on the hills is the Real Turmat Beef and Potato Casserole which tastes like a home cooked dish, combining potato, beef, swede, carrot and onion in a seasoned gravy. It is also gluten free and dairy free. If you are looking for a fish option, then Real Turmat provide a couple of options, like the Real Turmat Cod in Creamy Curry Sauce which only weighs 85g.

Click here to see our full range of Real Turmat backpacking meals.

Real Turmat Backpacking Meals - Preparation

Real Turmat meals are freeze dried expedition meals. This means they are very lightweight and compact. The freeze drying process means as much of the nutritional value and energy of the food is maintained. Whilst lightweight in the dry state, freeze dried meals do require water to be added so you either need to carry water in with you or know that you will have access to a water source (and appropriate filtration / sterlisation equipment). Simply heat up some water, open the meal pouch and give it a bit of a shake. Once the water is hot, add the amount indicated on the packet and give it a good stir. Seal up the packet and then leave for around 10 minutes. Open up, give another good stir and then eat straight from the pack (or transfer to a bowl).

Don't forget to make sure you take all empty packages home with you for disposal!

Real Turmat Freeze Dried Vegetarian Meals

As well as being gluten free, we have a great selection of options which are also available for vegetarians, offering the best choice for gluten free vegetarian free dried meals and expedition food.

Click here for our most popular Real Turmat vegetarian freeze dried meal - Couscous with lentils and Spinach. Only 121g dried weight and 508Kcal, it blends lentils, couscous, spinach carrots and cauliflower. As well as the core Real Turmat range, we also stock the Real Turmat Field Meal range  - click here to take a look at the Real Turmat Pasta in tomato sauce.

Real Turmat - High Quality Expedition Food

Real Turmat lightweight expedition meals are used on all kinds of outdoor adventures. We have recently supplied Real Turmat meals fro trips ranging from expeditions to Antarctica, to trans Atlantic rowing! For most of our customers, Real Turmat meals offer a tasty hot meal after a long day walking or cycling.

All our freeze dried meals come with free UK delivery and don’t forget that Base Camp Food has the widest range of expedition food, stoves and cookware in the UK so we can support you with every outdoor adventure!

Base Camp Food is the exclusive UK distributor for Real Turmat meals so if you have a trade enquirey please email for details 

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