Gluten Free Backpacking Meals – high energy and lightweight

Base Camp Food have the best selection of gluten free lightweight meals and expedition foods. It's not always easy to find lightweight freeze dried and ready to eat meals which are suitable for different dietary requirements but here at Base Camp Food we carefully select and choose our ranges to ensure that we can cater for nearly all dietary requirements.

Base Camp Food has over 50 different options for those who require gluten free camping meals and expedition food. Whether you need a lightweight freeze dried gluten free meal or a ready to eat gluten free camping meal we have a number of options to suit all tastes. All our meals are available with free UK delivery.

Gluten free freeze dried expedition meals - high energy and lightweight

Ready to eat gluten free camping and backpacking meals

Vegetarian gluten free meals

Gluten free expedition breakfasts

Gluten free freeze dried expedition meals

Base Camp Food has brilliant selection of freeze dried meals for expeditions and backpacking and we have plenty to support those who require gluten free backpacking food. Whether you are taking part in the Marathon Des Sables or night on the moors we have lots of tasty gluten free options. Why not try our Expedition Foods Beef and Potato Hotpot which is a tasty combination of miced beef, onion, carrot swede, lentils and diced potato. It only weighs 148g when dry and is high energy at 800Kcals. A team favourite is the LYO Expedition Traditional Polish Sauerkraut which like all LYO expedition meals is made from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives and tastes great. We have to mention some of the new meals we are now selling from Real Turmat - they are a little more expensive than most of our meals at around £10 but they are already proving a hit and are like proper home cooked food - the Real Turmat Kebab Casserole will add some warmth to any wild camp! Click here to see our full range of gluten free backpacking meals.

Ready to eat gluten free camping and backpacking meals

Whilst freeze dried meals require a water source, our gluten free ready to eat backpacking and camping meals are made up ready to eat - no need to add water. They are heavier to carry but are more convenient and are really tasty. You don't even need to heat them if you don't want to but they taste much better if you do! Why not try a Vegetable Korma which is a lightly spiced vegetarian gluten free backpacking meal and also recommended for DofE expeditions.

Vegetarian Gluten Free Backpacking Meals

As well as being gluten free, we have a great selection of options which are also available for vegetarians, offering the best choice for gluten free vegetarian free dried meals and expedition food. Click here for our Extreme Adventure Food Vegetarian Shepherds Pie. This is a lightweight freeze dried meal weighing only 179g dried but packing 800Kcals. It combines potato, onion and mushrooms in a tasty sauce (note it does contain Soya). Add some spice with the ever popular Mountain House Vegetable Tikka - click here to take a look. It is a tasty blend of vegetables in a spicy sauce with rice.

Gluten Free Expedition Breakfasts

We have to give our gluten free freeze dried breakfasts a mention. We have a number available but our two most popular are the LYO Expedition Organic Millet Porridge with raspberries and ariona powder. It is gluten free, lactose free and has no artificial additives. The LYO Expedition Coconut Porridge with blueberries, figs and chia seeds is a superb gluten free freeze dried backpacking meal and is often found in the Base Camp Food Team Pack!

All our gluten free meals have free UK delivery available. Please ensure you check all ingredients carefully to ensure they are suitable for your diet and contact us if you have any questions

Don’t forget that Base Camp Food has a fantastic range of lightweight camping stoves and cookware and you can earn Base Camp reward points on all your purchases!

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