Base Camp Food have the widest range of lightweight outdoor meals in the UK. This includes a superb selection of vegetarian camping meals and lightweight vegetarian freeze dried meals. We found it very difficult to find really great vegetarian freeze dried meals so we have made sure we have sourced the best ones and put them all in one place for you!

Ready to Eat vegetarian camping meals

Lightweight freeze dried vegetarian meals

Vegetarian freeze dried snacks and fruit

Free UK Delivery


Ready to Eat Vegetarian Camping Meals

Base Camp Food have a great selection of ready to eat vegetarian camping meals, all with free UK delivery. These meals are really versatile as they can be eaten hot or cold (we prefer hot!) and simply need heating and no water needed. It’s a full meal, ready to go in a foil pouch. Base Camp Food has a range of vegetarian camping breakfasts as well as vegetarian camping main meals and desserts. Some of our meals are even self heating so you don’t even need a stove – perfect for overnight trips, festivals and fishing trips! Click here to see one of our most popular self heating vegetarian camping meals – the Beyond the Beaten track vegetarian hot meal kit of tomato noodles. Another favourite ready to eat vegetarian camping meal is the Wayfayrer Vegetable Curry & Rice. Click here to find out more. Our full range of vegetarian camping meals can be found amongst this collection. We stock tasty vegetarian camping meals from the popular Wayfayrer range. If you are looking for vegetarian meals approved for Duke of Edinburgh expeditions then click here to see what’s in store.


Lightweight Freeze Dried Vegetarian Meals

Base Camp Food has a widest range of freeze dried meals in the UK. This includes a comprehensive range of lightweight vegetarian freeze dried meals. Freeze dried meals are ultra lightweight and simply need to be combined with hot water for a tasty, nutritious and energy packed meal. Base Camp Food has a range of lightweight vegetarian freeze dried breakfasts why not try our LYO Expedition Coconut Porridge with blueberries, figs and chia seeds which is also suitable for a vegan diet and is gluten free and lactose free. For a freeze dried vegetarian meal, why not try our Bla Band pasta with tomato and garlic which is not only tasty but also lightweight at 149g (dried) weight and a good energy level at 650Kcal. Bla Band vegetarian meals also have a different shaped pouch making them easy to eat from! New in stock at Base Camp are TentMeals. TentMeals are all vegetarian freeze dried meals. They are great value for money at around £4.50 and they come in different packaging to our other freeze dried meals which is good as you can see what is inside but does mean they need to be prepared in a pot and not directly in the bag!


Vegetarian Freeze Dried Snacks

Base Camp Food also has a growing range of freeze dried fruits - Click here to see the what is in store in our freeze dried dessert range. Increasingly popular amongst Base Camp regulars are the range of freeze dried soups from the award winning LYO Expedition, with vegetarian freeze dried soups such as tomato and red pepper, or broccoli and spinach – find out more here.

Free UK Delivery on Lightweight Vegetarian Camping Meals

All camping meals and freeze dried meals at Base Camp Food come with fre UK delivery. We ship to the EU for £9.99. Our free UK delivery on freeze dried meals and ready to eat camping meals normally taks around five working days but we also offer a faster delivery service if you need your camping meals sooner!


Don’t forget that Base Camp Food has a fantastic range of lightweight camping stoves and cookware

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