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Base Camp Food stocks the widest range of lightweight freeze dried meals in the UK. We have a superb range of meals suitable for all tastes and budgets. One of our most versatile ranges is the range of freeze dried meals we stock from Expedition Foods. We have been working with Expedition Foods for a number of years as they offer a wide range of meal options with different energy levels.

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High Energy Freeze Dried Expedition Meals

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Freeze Dried Expedition Food

The meals from Expedition Foods are freeze dried. Freeze dried meals are an excellent choice when weight is important. They are lightweight expedition meals which have a long shelf life. The meals are easy to prepare but you need to have a source of water (preferably hot!). Simply remove the oxygen absorber from the packet, heat and add the water required, close the pouch and wait 5-8 minutes. The meal is then ready to eat straight from the pouch. Click here to see one of our most popular meals from Expedition Foods – the Expedition Foods Thai Green Curry - highly rated by our customers with high energy at 802Kcal and lightweight at 171g. With five star reviews, it's worth considering the Expedition Foods 1000Kcal Spaghetti Carbonara with high energy for long days but still lightweight at 194g Click here to find out more.

Our full range of Expedition Foods lightweight freeze dried meals can be found in this collection


High Energy Freeze Dried Expedition Meals

Base Camp Food has a widest range of freeze dried meals in the UK. Freeze dried meals meals are often high energy and lightweight. Expedition Foods offer three different energy levels which make them a great choice for all kinds of adventures. In each case, the recipes and meals are the same, but they are different sizes (and weights) which provide different energy options.

The highest energy meals are 1000Kcal and have the most energy of all of our lightweight freeze dried meals Expedition Foods Beef and Potato Hotpot which has five star customer reviews and weighs 184g. These high energy lightweight meals are also a good option for two to share.

The middle option is still in the higher range of all of our meals at 800Kcal. Take a look at our Expedition Foods Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice which offers a tasty, easy to prepare, lightweight expedition meal. A good all-rounder, one of our customers says 'This is by far my favourite meal. Filling and tasty. This has become a standard meal for me on all of my adventures'

Where high energy is less of a requirement, we have a selection of Expedition Foods meals which are around 450Kcal. Less than 100g, so ultra lightweight, it is well worth considering the Expedition Foods Spaghetti Bolognese


Vegetarian and Vegan Expedition Food

Base Camp Food has a fantastic range of vegetarian and vegan expedition food. It's not just a range of energy options which makes us a fan of Expedition Foods, there is also a great selection of vegetarian and vegan freeze dried meals available.

Have a look at the Expedition Foods Vegan Couscous with cajun spices and vegetables which is both super tasty and also delivers good energy return at 800Kcal and is a lightweight, freeze dried vegan meal at just 195g.

Have a look at the Expedition Foods High Energy Vegetable Tikka - it only weighs 148g and delivers 800Kcal of energy. One of our customers said 'Great! Loads of flavour loads of veg. Would definitely buy again. Wish I'd had some naan bread!'

Free UK Delivery on Expedition Food

 All our Expedition Food and lightweight freeze dried expedition meals come with free UK delivery, or if you need it in a hurry you can use our next day selivery service.

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