Helinox - The Future of Camping Equipment

The Helinox brand was new to Base Camp Food towards the end of 2019 after we saw the equipment for ourselves at an exhibition – and it’s safe to say we were so impressed, it was a must have for our shelves (and ourselves)!!

At Base Camp Food our favourites are - the original Helinox Chair One – for Laura who wants a really lightweight chair, but loves to be super comfortable while camping; and the Helinox Sunset Chair – for Hayley who likes the extended headrest and legs to accommodate her height.

If you’re new to the Helinox brand, let us tell you a bit more about it:

A Brief History of Helinox

What makes Helinox Special?

Helinox - They’ve got you covered

A Brief History of Helinox

Helinox was born in 2009 from the desire to create comfortable furniture for the outdoors, with a focus on portability (Helinox uses light weight tent pole technology from DAC). Their products combine great breathable fabrics with innovative high-strength lightweight alloy tubing.

They’ve been making waves in both the outdoor furniture and design worlds; winning numerous awards - 7 Red Dot Design Awards, 2 ISPO Awards and an Outdoor Industry Award.

What Makes Helinox Special?

Helinox products combine maximum strength with minimum weight. No detail of performance is overlooked - with secure joining components using high strength nylon (making assembly a doddle), reinforced panels and durable stitching. All their products come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

But not only is performance a priority; style is too! With carefully selected patterns and designs, there is a Helinox design to suit all tastes.

If weight and space are your main priorities for your expedition, you’ll love the Helinox Chair Zero – weighing just 1lb2oz, it’ll be smaller and lighter than your water bottle!! But you won’t have to compromise on comfort.

If you’re after maximum comfort, then the Helinox Savanna Chair is for you! With a high back, wider seat and integrated cup holders, you can sit back and take in the views, knowing that all that extra room still comes in at only 4lb3oz!

Helinox - They’ve got your covered

The unique Helinox technology has been extended to cover many other products.

Their full range includes 11 types of Chair, 3 Camp Beds, 2 Tables, 2 Portable Shades and every accessory you could think of needing to go with these (like the incredible ground sheets to keep your chairs stable on any surface to the inflatable head rests).

Click here to view the range at Base Camp Food, and get in touch with us at info@basecampfood.com if you don’t see the item you’re after.

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