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TentMeals Subtly Cinnamon breakfast - 800 kcal

By TentMeals

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A classic porridge made with a subtle blend of cinnamon and demerara sugar, packed with a juicy jumble of dates, pears and apple pieces.

 Healthy, hearty, hot and delicious - our breakfasts are designed to get even the grumpiest campers out of bed and going all day.


  • Made with wholesome healthy ingredients
  • Dry Weight of 185g
  • High Energy of 800kcal
  • Quick and Easy

    PREP:  Add approx 400-500ml boiling water, stir well and cover for 7 minutes, eat and enjoy!

    Can also be made with cold water if left to stand overnight.

    Ingredients: oats (gluten), dates (dates, rice flour), pears (sugar, pears, sulphur dioxide), demerara sugar, apple (apple, sulphur dioxide), cinnamon, salt.

    Allergy Information: Contains gluten, sulphur dioxide.



    Per 100g

    Per Pack

    Energy 441 Kcal / 1700 kJ 800 Kcal / 3347 kJ
    Protein  10.1g 18.3g
    Carbohydrates 55.6g 100.9g
    Sugars 24.5g 44.5g
    Fat 20.9g 37.9g
    Saturates 10.1g 18.3g
    Fibre 7.4g 13.5g
    Sodium 0.40g 0.72g
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    Tags: Vegan
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