SOTO Wide-Mouth Fuel Bottle

Size: 400ml / 13.6 fl oz


SOTO Fuel Bottles come with an exclusively designed wide mouth and are compatible with the SOTO Muka stoves. The bottles are manufactured from durable and light-weight aluminium and come in 3 convenient sizes.

The SOTO Wide-Mouth fuel bottles make it easier to pour fuel, and observe fuel levels.

Specifications 400 ml bottle:

  • Fuel capacity: 280ml (9.5 floz)
  • Weight (including the cap): 125g (4.4oz)
  • Height (including the cap): 168mm (6.6in)
  • Diameter of the mouth: 34mm (1.34in)
  • Diameter of the bottle: 67mm (2.63in)

Specifications 700 ml bottle:

  • Fuel capacity: 480ml (16.2 floz)
  • Weight (including the cap): 146g (5.2oz)
  • Height (including the cap): 220mm (8.7in)
  • Diameter of the mouth: 34mm (1.34in)
  • Diameter of the bottle: 74mm (2.91in)

Specifications 1000 ml bottle:

  • Fuel capacity: 720ml (24.3 floz)
  • Weight (including the cap): 178g (6.3oz)
  • Height (including the cap): 290mm (11.4in)
  • Diameter of the mouth: 34mm (1.34in)
  • Diameter of the bottle: 74mm (2.91in)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Review of Soto Muka Stove Bottle

I bought an extra 1lt fuel bottle for the Soto Muka Stove I recently purchased. As with the original bottle I purchased it is of high quality with a well designed sealing face. The large mouth accommodates the Soto pump system but does mean that it is not computable with other stove makes. The price was reasonable and delivery prompt.

SOTO Wide-Mouth Fuel Bottle

When it comes top fuel bottles usually they are associated to the make stove you are buying or using. What separates the SOTO from the rest is it Wide mouth, So? you may ask. Why do you need a couple of bottles all the same dictated to your stove fittings. The SOTO offers the second bottle flexibility as the the wide mouth is great when filling up when at petrol station, no funnel required or topping up from a Jerry can.
If you are a biker then this a must particularly the large size as a reserve fuel tank when biking remotely. I used mine for bush craft and camping for paraffin container, a lot less drama then finding clean funnels.
Build quality second to none, think differently when it comes to a second reserve fuel!

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