Solo Stove Titan

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 Designed with a double wall, the Solo Stove Titan is a natural convection inverted downgas gasifer stove.  

The Solo Stove Titan is ideal for cooking for 2 to 4 people.

The air intake holes on the bottom of the stove channels air to the bottom of the fire while at the same time, channels warm air up between the walls of the stove. This burst of preheated oxygen feeding back into the firebox through the smaller holes at the top of the stove causes a secondary combustion. This allows the fire to burn more complete which is why there is very little smoke during full burn. A more efficient burn also means you'll use much less wood compared to an open camp fire. The Solo Stove Titan doesn't just burn wood. It actually cooks the smoke out of the wood and then burns the smoke not once, but twice!

The Solo Stove Titan also features a heat shield between the ash pan and the bottom of the stove. This heat shield protects the ground under the stove from scorching.The cooking ring's angled lip also increases efficiency by directing heat towards your pot minimizing heat loss. It also acts as a windshield while still allowing oxygen to flow inward. The Solo Stove Titan is indeed one of the most efficient wood burning stoves you'll ever own.


  • Assembled size: Height 20.1cm, Width 13cm
  • Weight:  468g
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  • Fuel:  sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
  • Boil time: 4 - 6 mins (0.9l of water)

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    Customer Reviews

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    Quick boiler

    We have had one go with the Titan stove (and 1800 pot) and are pleased so far. It proved tricky to light; the matches we had were very old and also it was a windy day. It might be worth investing in the wind screen if you are going to use this in the open. Once it was going, however, it stayed light with a small additional amount of fuel. The cones I had collected days before and had thought were dry did produce a lot of smoke so I guess they need more drying time. We heated a pint of soup in about 6 or 7 minutes and the same for some water subsequently. I was not sure about the pot being secure as it just sits on top but the weight alone appeared to be sufficient to keep it there. The stove and pot were both covered in soot afterwards so watch where you put your fingers! Using the Titan was good fun and I am looking forward to trying it out again and experimenting with some different lighting methods. The stove cooled down incredibly quickly so we could pack it away once we had had our drinks.

    Generally good.....but!

    Due to postponed plans, I have not actually used this stove yet but I am looking forward to doing so.
    On examination, I found one of the 3 pan support lugs was not evenly formed, (this cost 1 star), though this will not affect the use.
    Also, the recommended fuel is ;
    'Fuel: sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass.'
    I took 'other biomass' to include wood pellets and decided to aquire some, since when wild camping on moorland, I could not always be sure of a supply of dry twigs! I was able to buy a 10Kg bag of pellets for £3 which I thought was a bargain. (I anticipate carrying about 500grams, but a trial will tell!)
    It was obvious though, that the grill in the base of the stove would allow pellets to fall through. So, I invested in a made to measure grill with smaller apertures to sit on top of the other grill, £10 well spent. This was from; eBay item number: 251730183029
    I hope this helps other users.

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