SOL Map Compass

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The SOL Map Compass is a compass that is perfect for beginners and emergency wayfinding.

Accurate and easy readings can be made so you can extract precise compass bearings with the 2” liquid-filled base. A bevelled edge with metric and imperial scales is designed to help make map reading effortless.

Weighing less than an ounce, it is no trouble to store the map compass in your pocket or around your neck with the breakaway lanyard. Please note, this compass is intended for use in the northern hemisphere.

Set your sights on new adventures with the SOL Map Compass.


  • Military Style: When digital systems fail, turn to this trusted compass design for accurate compass bearings.
  • Liquid Filled: Liquid-filled compass for easy and accurate readings.
  • Sighting Wire: Calibrate your compass and sight in on an object or landmark.
  • Rotating Bezel: For easy route-finding.
  • Usage: Intended for use in the northern hemisphere only.

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