Pure Clear Life Filter Water Cartridge

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Pure Clear Life Filter Water Cartridge is from the Pure Clear filter range, that are compatible with Pure Clear products and use an electro-absorptive filtration technology. This means that the filter has a positive charge and attracts the negative charge in the parasite/virus/cell. Irrespective of how many micros the potential harmful cell/chemical is, it does not pass through the pore of the filter.

The Pure Clear filters last for 200 litres, though it is also recommended that they are changed every 2 months of use. They have a shelf life of 2 years. All Pure Clear filters are independently tested by SGS and meet the ANSI and NSF drinking water requirements.


  • The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge is compatible with the Pure Clear® - Life Filter® product range only.
  • Protects against bacteria, waterborne viruses, parasites, microplastics, heavy metals, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, PFOA's, endotoxins and much more.
  • Our filters are rigorously and independently tested to give the best possible filtration performance in compliance with the NSF and ANSI drinking water requirements.
  • The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge was scientifically designed to help reduce internal bacteria growth within the filter.
  • This is an advanced filter not a UF (Ultra Filtration) filter with an added carbon block.
  • The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® Water Cartridge uses breakthrough electro-adsorptive technology with powder activated carbon and not mechanical filter media like other filters.
  • Your purchase makes a difference by contributing 1400 litres of pure, clean, safe drinking water to those that need it most.

            Filter Performance Stats:

            • Bacteria: 99.9999%
            • Waterborne Viruses: 99.9959%
            • Parasites: 99.999%
            • Cysts: 99.999%
            • Microplastics: 99%
            • Heavy Metals: 95%
            • Chlorine: 90%
            • Particulates: Yes
            • Polysaccharides (TEP): Yes
            • Turbidity: Yes
            • Colloids: Yes
            • Endotoxin: Yes
            • Chemical reduction: Yes
            • Trace Pharmaceuticals: Yes
            • Filter Life: 200L or 2 months = 400 x 50cl plastic water bottles. The life of the filter can be extended by drying out the filter and storing it after use

            Base Camp Food are proud to be an official UK retailer for Pure Clear. Click here to view our full range of Pure Clear Water Bottles and filters.


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