Pure Clear Life Filter Survival Straw

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The Pure Clear® - Life Filter® has been designed for rehydration anywhere, anytime. The Life Filter® offers its users clean safe filtered drinking water from outdoor water sources. Not directly comparable to any other water purification media currently on the market, the Life Filter® uses breakthrough electro-adsorptive technology, and not mechanical filter media. The Life Filter® can even filter out waterborne viruses unlike 99% of similar products available. Our filters are rigorously and independently tested to give the best possible filtration performance in compliance with the NSF and ANSI drinking water requirements.


  • Protects against waterborne viruses, bacteria, parasites, endotoxins, microplastics, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, chemical reductions (PFOA’s), organic and chemical matter, dirt, sand, cloudiness and improves taste.
  • Independently lab tested and BPA free.
  • Enables hydration from anywhere any time.
  • Comes with a 28mm thread on the bottom of the Life Filter® meaning you can attach plastic bottles to the survival filter and then filter accordingly.
  • Can be used in conjunction with the Pure Clear® - Water Hydration Bladder
  • The portable water filter comes with an extending drinking tube meaning you do not have to crouch down and lean into the water unlike other products on the market.
  • Mouthpieces can be replaced.
  • The Life Filter® is also compatible with the Platypus water pouch as well as other brands.
  • Your purchase makes a difference, for every product purchased Pure Clear Filters provides 1400 litres of pure, clean and safe drinking water to those that need it most.


      • Colour: Green
      • Length: 18 cm
      • Weight: 70 g
      • Mouthpiece: GPPS
      • Lid: PP
      • Body: ABS
      • Dishwasher safe: Yes, after filter removal
      • Compatibility: The Life Filter is also compatible with the Platypus water pouches
      • Included: Life Filter, water filter, extended drinking tube
      • Filter Life: 200L or 2 months = 400 x 50cl plastic water bottles. The life of the filter can be extended by drying out the filter and storing it after use

      Base Camp Food are proud to be an official UK retailer for Pure Clear. Click here to view our full range of Pure Clear Water Bottles and filters.


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