Pure Clear Active Water Filter Bottle

Color: Grey
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The Pure Clear®-Active water bottle has been designed specifically for sport and outdoor activity. The water bottle is light weight yet solid and can be filled up from tap water sources such as at the gym or sports centre, toilet tap, home and even abroad. If your preference is more extreme like hiking, camping, survival and the outdoors, the patented technology within the filter gives you the ability to filter water from outdoor water sources.

The Pure Clear-Active bottle is BPA and BPS free. It is also completely free of estrogenic and androgenic activity and is recyclable, meaning it is the safest manufacturing plastic available to date. The Pure Clear-Active water bottle has a single press button to release the lid via a spring action (which is anti-rust - stainless steel) so it is simple to open should you have your hands full. Once open it showcases a silicone mouthpiece, which is soft and comfortable to drink from.

Inside the bottle itself is the filter cartridge housing and straw. The housing and straw simply twist away from the lid becoming two separate pieces. The body of the filter cartridge then twists again in the centre, which exposes the Active filter.

There is a band around the centre of the housing which has 1 - 12 marked on it to indicate the month of the year and when the filter was introduced. Simply twist the band with the corresponding number on, to point at the arrow marked on the body of the housing. You can now see when the filter was introduced and if it requires replacement.

The filters are also great at helping to keep you safe when adding ice to the water, such as a day by the pool.

Product Features:

  • The Pure Clear® - Active Water Filter Bottle - Grey, protects against waterborne viruses, bacteria, parasites, endotoxins, microplastics, chlorine, trace pharmaceuticals, chemical reductions (PFOA’s), organic and chemical matter, dirt, sand, cloudiness and improves taste.
  • light weight and solid, perfect for sports, gym and outdoor activity.
  • Has a silicone mouthpiece and is BPA and BPS free.
  • Comes with 1 x Active Filter Cartridge and Carabiner.
  • Filter life indicator built into the filter case indicating when the filter requires replacement.
  • The Pure Clear® - Active Water Filter Bottle - Grey can be used in foreign countries to make tap water drinkable.
  • Our filters are rigorously and independently tested to give the best possible filtration performance in compliance with the NSF and ANSI drinking water requirements.
  • Scientifically designed to help reduce internal bacteria growth within the filter whilst preventing clogging and blockages.
  • The Pure Clear® - Active Water Filter Bottle - Grey, uses breakthrough electro-adsorptive technology and not mechanical filter media like most other filters giving additional protection.
  • Your purchase makes a difference by contributing 1400 litres of pure, clean, safe drinking water to those that need it most.


    • Colour: Grey, Blue or Pink
    • Mouthpiece: Silicone
    • Handle: PVC
    • Lid: PP
    • Body: Tritan
    • Dishwasher safe: Yes, after filter removal
    • Length: 26.1 cm
    • Weight: 224 g
    • Capacity: 769ml
    • Filter Life: 200L or 2 months = 400 x 50cl plastic water bottles. The life of the filter can be extended by drying out the filter and storing it after use.
    • Included: Water bottle, water filter, cap and mouthpiece, carabiner

    Base Camp Food are proud to be an official UK retailer for Pure Clear. Click here to view our full range of Pure Clear Water Bottles and filters.


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