Platypus Soft Bottle

Size: 1L / 34oz
Style: Closure Cap
Color: Wild Blue


For over 20 years, its simple, lightweight and flexible design have made the SoftBottle a classic. Still the lightest and most compact bottle Patypus make, the SoftBottle is your source for easy hydration whether tooling around the city, traveling, or hitting the trail.


  • Highly packable: When empty, the SoftBottle easily flattens and rolls up compactly, saving space.
  • Smart design: Bottle narrows at the middle to make it easy to hold.
  • Versatile: Available with either a Closure Cap or a Push-Pull Cap; accepts any threaded Platypus lid or drink tube kit.
  • Pure Platy experience: Materials are taste-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free.


    Capacity (Standard) 17 fl. oz 34 fl. oz,
    Capacity (Metric) 0.5 liters 1.0 liters,
    Weight (Standard) 0.8 oz 1.2 oz,
    Weight (Metric) 0.02 kg 0.04 kg,
    Width (Standard) 5 in 6 in,
    Width (Metric) 12 cm 15 cm,
    Length (Standard) 12 in 13 in,
    Length (Metric) 29 cm 33 cm,
    Height (Standard) 0 in 0 in,
    Spout material Polyethylene Polyethylene,
    Cap material Polypropylene Polypropylene,

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    D@#n CoVID

    The first soft bottle I bought was a Platypus: it lasted a couple of years before the base split. Since then I've tried other makes all lasting anywhere between three to four weeks to four months. So I have returned to the Platypus brand. It may be more expensive but let's hope it lasts. I haven't tried it out yet as it's winter and, because of the coronavirus, I haven't had a chance to try it out. It's just a shame I couldn't find the 750ml version.

    Nearly perfect

    I'm really happy I bought this bottle! It's now my go-to water bottle for anything and everything outdoorsy where I could feasibly need no more than 1L of water to bring with me. And it's great to know that even when it's empty I have a ready-to-go, almost entirely weightless water container to fill up, any time I want.

    It gets a 4 out of 5 for me because it has the two relatively minor problems that I'd expected before buying it: (1) it's not as easy to drink from as a solid bottle (particularly with one hand). It's easiest to grip it with the seams aligned with the inner sides of your fingers and thumb, but... (2) gripping it along those seams isn't super comfortable (though it's only a minor discomfort).

    All in all, it's definitely worth putting up with those two imperfections. I recommend buying this!


    Yes really great but should of gone with hanger on it my choice

    Light weight, foldable water bottle

    Was looking for a 1 litre bottle that didn’t weigh too much and didn’t take up much space, well this is the one. Great quality and good finish too.

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