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The Optimus Vega stove is lightweight, high performance stove for all year round use. It is truly a 4 season stove which offers two cooking modes. In cold temperatures, when much of the gas turns to liquid, simply invert the gas cannister (using the support legs). In less extreme conditions, the Efficiency Mode, allows for cooking with precision and economy over a low flame. The ultra low profile of this stove means excellent stability and there is a foil wind shield included. 


  • Boil time from only 3 mins in 4 Season Mode and 4.5 mins in Efficiency Mode (1l average)
  • Uses Optimus resealable or Campinggaz C470 gas cannisters
  • Burn time of 160 mins at max output
  • Weight 178g
  • Power of 3700W (4 Season) / 1400W (Efficiency)
  • Includes stove, windshield and storage bag

Customer Reviews

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Optimus Vega

Really beautiful piece of engineering, very well thought out and reflects its high price. Powerful in use and much more stable than top mounted stoves. Similar in performance to the excellent Soto Windmaster I also use for 3 season temperatures. However, it won’t work on one of my 2 current gas canisters (both Coleman Extreme) - the wings on the regulator won’t allow it to wind down far enough to actuate the valve- so no gas will come out. I will need to be careful to buy only canisters that look like the threaded part of the valve protrudes at least 2mm past the height of the ‘shoulder’ that the regulator winds down onto. The stove is good enough to make it worthwhile persevering with this issue imo.

Optimas Vega 4

Excellent stove. Wind shield is great. It's compact and lightweight and easy to use. I cooked for 6 people for 2 days in a Scottish bothy and used surprisingly little gas. Great that you can use it in cold weather too. I probably wouldn't use it on a solo hiking trip because there are lighter options but for 2+ people it's great.

stephen potts
Optimus Vega stove

Good strong stove. Good quality product.

Stephen Edwards
The Vega, the delivery time, the service

Well thought through quality product!

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