OPTIMUS Titanium Long Handle Spoon

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This is a team favourite! Being titanium, this spoon is lightweight at only 19g and incredibly strong. The long handle on this spoon makes it ideal for  eating all of our meals straight from the pouch, ensuring you can get right to the bottom!


  • 21.5cm length
  • Weight 19g
  • Polished Titanium

Customer Reviews

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susan glover

Forget about useless camping 'sporks' - plastic cutlery etc. This long handle spoon is light,strong and ideal for eating food with grubby camp hands - worth every penny

Nick Fletcher
Its a long handled spoon

It's just what it says, light, long, and good for meal pouches

Graham Clifton
Excellent long spoon for eating and stirring

The Optimus Titanium Long Handle Spoon is very well designed, and manufactured in titanium, with a polished, angled bowl and a matt, etched handle with a stamped shallow v-section which is very rigid. It is very lightweight, but damage resistant. It is very well proportioned for eating out of meal sachets, and also long enough for stirring a pot with fingers clear of the heat. All edges are de-burred (less scratchy). Should last many years.
I have also purchased an Optimus Sparky piezo iginiter, and an Optimus gas canister stand, both very good.
Base Camp Food's quality and value and service are excellent.

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