JETBOIL Zip Cooking System



The JETBOIL Zip cooking system is a compact and lightweight set-up at a great price

It offers a complete system for hot food and drinks in the great outdoors. It utilises the unique, and patented, FluxRing technology which works faster and uses much less fuel. Perfect for solo backpackers. 

Features & Specifications:

  • Capacity: 0.8l (2.7oz)
  • Fuel type: Gas 
  • Ignition: Non automatic
  • Minimum Weight: 345 grams
  • Fuel Efficiency: 100g gas = 60 minutes burn time
  • Boil time: 500ml = 2.5mins
  • Pour spout and strainer
  • Insulating Cozy
  • Adjustable Burner

 note fuel not included



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