Grower's Cup Colombia

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The Colombia medium dark roast presenting this coffee with lively aroma, with citrus and almond flavours.

100% ground coffee. 

The Grower's Cup Coffeebrewer is a clever hybrid between a filter coffee brewer and a French Press, weighing next to nothing and easily disposed of with little harm to the environment.

  • 1 x 20 g / 0.74 oz. pouches
  • Each pouch serves 2 cups
  • Fairtrade Certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Richard Byrne
Excellent but

Coffee was really nice, fruity but a hint of spice which was surprising but in a good way. The bag it's self was great too, measured out 300 ml as directed on the pack for two cups and it was perfect for two cups. Coffee wasn't too weak or strong and you can alter to your preference (more or less water). The only negative is you can reuse it which is great but cleaning it out on the trail is hard given little to no access to clean water, you can use your filtered water but then this can take at least 5 mins or more. You can clean it when you get home and carry the used grounds out or try clean it out in a stream and risk putting whatever is in the stream through the filter in the bag. I would definitely buy again. Weights next to nothing but is a little bulky as it doesn't pack down very well. The cap can be reused by the way just don't loose it.

Mr. Brian Blakemore
Good quality coffee

Easy to use pouches which deliver a high quality good coffee.
Get 2 cups from each pouch easily
Would help if cap could be refitted.

O Toogood
Lovely coffee in the wild

Took this wild camping and it is wonderful to be able to brew a delicious cup of coffee in the remote mountains. Tasted great, really easy to use and super light. I wish the cap could be refitted to make it more reusable.

graham taylor
Coffee brewer

Love it .. I’ve tried most of the alternatives and this is by far the best ... brews a great cup of coffee without any faf!

Sean McGraw
High Quality Brew

In all honesty I was a bit dubious as to what all the fuss was about. Seemed a lot of faffing about just to make a coffee. Usual quick delivery and excellent packing from BCF. I thought the coffee tasted delicious and it was nice to have a tasty filtered coffee while spending a day on my local hills, I know they can be reused but so far I only made two cups from each bag, very simple to use and the coffee is fantastic, I've ordered more to add to my arsenal, would highly recommend...

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