Stove Equipment Review! Which Camping Stove Is the Best for You?

Choosing the right stove for your camping trip can be tricky because different stoves serve different needs and campers may not know which stoves are the most suitable for them! To help you select the right stove for you, we’ve reviewed eight stove systems to help you choose the perfect one for your next camping adventure!

1. MSR WindBurner™ Group Stove System

For backpacking adventurers and group campers who want to prepare meals aside from freeze dried food, the WindBurner® Group Stove System is perfect for you. The WindBurner® Group Stove System maintains its performance even in windy and cold conditions by using its windproof and pressure-regulated stove system which consists of  a 2.5L sauce pot for 2 - 4 people to share a simmered feast. In addition, its ceramic coating offers non-stick performance and effortless cleanup!

The stove is designed for all WindBurner cookware such skillets and pots, allowing a wide range of cooking styles. The compact system nests perfectly inside its pot without rattling, making it rattle-free during your trail.

Features & Specifications:

  • Weight: 831 grams
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Connection: Screw thread
  • Fuel Consumption: approximately 168g per hour
  • Boil Time: 6 minutes and 8 seconds for 1 litre of water
  • Fully enclosed stove-pot connection eliminates heat loss
  • Pressure regulator ensures constant performance even in colder temperatures
  • Integrated windshield

The System Includes:

    • Radiant burner with boil-to-simmer control
    • 2.5L (20cm diameter) ceramic coated aluminium non-stick pot
    • Strainer lid with locking latch
    • Folding talon handle
    • Space to nest optional 8oz MSR IsoPro fuel canister (sold separately)

2. MSR Reactor® Stove System

The Reactor Stove System is a brilliantly efficient and fast stove and it performs in all weathers and conditions. By cooking with the Reactor Stove System, you’ll use less fuel compared to using other stoves in the market. The efficient usage of fuel means that you’ll carry less fuel and move faster with this stove!

In addition to its unrivalled fuel-efficiency, the Reactor Stove System is fantastically durable which assures that you can cook in any weather condition!

The Reactor Stove System include:

  • Reactor Pot and Stove
  • BPA-Free Strainer Lid
  • PackTowl® Pot Protector
  • Folding/locking handle

Features & Specifications:

  1. Integrated System: State-of-the-art stove and high-efficiency cookware are combined into a compact, self-contained and easy-to-use system.
  2. Unparallel Boiling Time: The Reactor Stove System crushes the competition in head-to-head lab tests. It only takes the Reactor Stove System 1.5 minutes to boil .5 liter of water!
  3. Unmatched Wind Protection: Heat exchanger completely encloses radiant burner head, virtually eliminating the effects of wind to maintain outstanding boil times and save fuel.
  4. Maximum Efficiency: Patent-pending radiant burner, heat exchanger and internal pressure regulator produce best-in-class, fuel-sipping efficiency in all conditions.
  5. Compact: All systems are self-contained, fitting the stove and fuel inside the pot.

(1.0L Reactor System nests optimally with our new, smaller-diameter 4 oz. canisters, which are sold separately.)

Stove System Options:

  1. 1.0L System: For trips with 1 - 2 people, or anywhere weight and space are at a premium.
  2. 1.7L System: All-around performer with the capacity to boil water and melt snow fast for two or more.

3. JETBOIL MiniMo Personal Cooking System

The JETBOIL MiniMo delivers unparalleled simmer control, metal handles, and a low spoon angle for easy eating!

Using the latest and most innovative new valve design, MiniMo delivers the most top simmer control of any upright canister system in the market. Thanks to JETBOIL’s proprietary regulator technology and enhanced regulator diaphragm, MiniMo ensures consistent performance down to -6°C.


  1. Redesigned valve and regulator for advanced simmer control
  2. Metal handles provide a robust interface for both cooking and eating
  3. Convenient push-button igniter
  4. Lower spoon angle for easier eating right from the cup
  5. Insulating drink-through lid and measuring cup
  6. Clever sideways burner storage minimizes pack space
  7. Fuel Canister Stabiliser included
  8. Compatible accessories include a MiniMo-sized Coffee Press, Hanging Kit, and Pot Support

Pot Support and Jetpower fuel sold separately


  1. Item Weight: 415 g
  2. Power: 6,000 BTU/h (1.75kW)
  3. Volume: 1 liter
  4. Boil Time: 2 minutes 15 sec. per 1/2 liter
  5. Water Boiled: 12 Litres per 100g Jetpower can
  6. Dimensions: 5” x 6” (127 mm x 152 mm)
  7. Stabiliser Weight: 0.9 oz (27 g)

*System weight excludes fuel stabiliser

4. MSR Whisperlite Universal

The hybrid-fuel MRS WhisperLite Universal stove delivers the ease and simmering capabilities of canister fuel and switches over effortlessly to liquid fuels for longer trips or cold-weather.

Incorporating MSR's patent-pending AirControl™ technology, the MRS WhisperLite Universal delivers outstanding performance with all compatible fuels.The store is the lightest stove in its class an offers excellent stability and easy maintenance, making the WhisperLite Universal incredibly irresistible and the only stove you’ll ever need.


  1. Fuel pump
  2. Windscreen
  3. Heat reflector
  4. Small-parts kit
  5. Instructions
  6. Stuff sack

Fuel bottle not included

*For best results with canister fuel, always burn MSR® IsoPro fuel canisters.

Features & Specifications:

  1. Burn time (White Gas): 110 mins on 590 g
  2. Burn time (Kerosene): 155 mins on 590 g
  3. Burn time (MSR IsoPro): 75 mins on 590g
  4. Boil Time (White Gas): 1 liter of water in 3.5 minutes
  5. Boil Time (Kerosene): 1 liter of water in 4.4 minutes
  6. Boil Time (MSR IsoPro): 1 liter of water in 3.8 minutes
  7. Hybrid-Fuel Performance: Patent pending AirControl™ technology creates the optimal fuel and air mix for top-tier performance with canister fuel, white gas, kerosene and unleaded gasoline.
  8. Canister Liquid Feed: Delivers better cold weather and low-fuel performance with a more consistent output over the life of each canister. Canister stand Included.
  9. Aluminum mixer tube, extra-stable stainless steel legs and refined design keep weight to a minimum.
  10. Liquid and canister fuel couplers pair with fuel-specific jets for quick and easy transitions.
  11. Self-cleaning Shaker Jet™ technology and new, one-piece leg assembly allow fast cleaning and maintenance in the field.
  12. Minimum Weight: 388 grams
  13. Packed Weight: 569 grams

5. PRIMUS Lite +

Prime Lite + is the new entry-level stove in the Primus Lite family, offering simplicity yet the same superb performance as the rest of the family. The attachment of the pot to the stove and Laminar Flow Burner Technology provides an unmatched stable and efficient cooking experience. The stove and all its accessories, including a 100-gram gas cartridge, fits into the 500ml hard anodized aluminium pot, making PRIMUS Lite + fabulously compact and easy to carry during your trip. More, Prime Lite + has an insulating felt sleeve ensures easy and safe handling.


  • Height (mm): 130
  • Diameter (mm): 100
  • Burn time: 59 min on 100 g
  • Season: 3 Seasons
  • Effect: 1500
  • Boiling time Regular Pot: 2:45 (0,5 liter)
  • People: 1
  • Ignition: Piezoelectric
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Volume: 500

6. Evernew Appalachian Set - Ultralight Titanium Pot 500 Stove Set

Finally, the perfect outdoor cooking set every camper desires! The Evernew Appalachian Set  combines two fantastic products - ultralight Titanium outdoor stove and kitchen kit - in one fabulous set to make cooking and eating terrifically easy when you’re outdoors!

  • The perfect combo of the lightest stove and cookset.
  • Comes with a 500ml ultralight Pot, multi fuel Stove and Pot Stand / windscreen.
  • The stove and Titanium DX Stand fit nicely inside of the 500ml Titanium Pot for easy packing.
  • The Pot has a ridge on the base matching the diameter of the Pot Stand for maximum stability when on the stove.
  • Total weight for all 3 items is less than 200g (7oz.).


  • Weight: 175g / 6.17oz.
  • Material: Titanium
  • Size: 9.7 x 8.7cm / 3.82 x 3.43 inches
  • Pot Capacity: 500ml (ECA266R)

7. PRIMUS OmniLite Ti Stove

OmniLite Ti is based on the same technology as the award-winning OmniFuel and is developed to handle challenging situations and environments. This stove is as reliable and robust, but is smaller, lighter and much more fuel-efficient than the OmniFuel. The windscreen and pot supports are made of titanium, making the stove very stable and light. OmniLite Ti works with gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin, and even aviation fuel. Using the separate control knob, you can adjust the flame to the heat you want. You can control the knob even if you are wearing gloves! The pack size is minimal and the stove is perfect for one or two people heading out on an adventure.


  • Height (mm): 90
  • Diameter (mm): 55
  • Depth (mm): 114
  • Boiling time for 1 L : 2.4 minutes
  • People: 1-2
  • Ignition: Manual
  • Weight: 230 grams

8. Solo Stove Lite

As well as being lightweight and compact, the Solo Stove is incredibly efficient. The secondary combustion creates a more complete and efficient burn cycle and the bottom vents draw air to feed the primary combustion. In addition, as the hot air rises up the double walls and through the top vents, this creates a secondary combustion cycle. In addition, the Solo Stove doesn't only burn wood, it cooks the smoke of the wood and then burns the smoke twice! This efficient use of fire and smoke lowers Solo Stove’s fuel requirement than other wood stoves and produces a hotter fire and minimises smoke.

Features and Specs:

  • Packed size: Height 9.7cm, Width 10.8cm 
  • Assembled size: Height 14.6cm, Width 10.8cm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  • Fuel: sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
  • Boil time: 8-10 mins (0.9l of water)

Come check our wide selection of camping stoves for your next outdoor adventure!

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