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Is Solo Stove the ultimate backpacking stove?

As well as being lightweight and compact, the Solo Stove is extremely efficient. This  is a result of the secondary combustion for a more complete and efficient burn cycle. The bottom vents draw air to feed the primary combustion. As the hot air rises up the double walls and through the top vents which results in the secondary combustion cycle. It doesn't just burn wood, it cooks the smoke of the wood and then burns the smoke twice! This results in a lower fuel requirement than other wood stoves, produces a hotter fire and minimises smoke.

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  • Packed size: Height 9.7cm, Width 10.8cm 
  • Assembled size: Height 14.6cm, Width 10.8cm
  • Weight:  255g
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  • Fuel:  sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
  • Boil time: 8-10 mins (0.9l of water)

Watch this Video to See How it All Works...

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Tunnicliffe-Wilson
Handy little stove

The Solo stove lite gave enough heat to cook a few burgers at a recent BBQ. It can start fast, but you’ll need to have plenty of spare twigs to keep it fuelled. It’s efficient and easy to clean. The enclosed design means you can use leaves as tinder which helps. As practical as a mini wood stove can get - just make sure you have enough fuel before you start. Thick but short twigs are best for longer burn time.

Dew, Charlotte

Really happy with my purchase does what it says ,

Matt Dalton
Great stove

What a cracking little stove. I'd looked at Kelly and Ghillie kettle but they seemed on the large size for my purposes. I didn't want a Jet Boil type stove as I don't want canisters. I purchased the Solo Stove with the 900ml pan and it is perfect for making two or three cups of tea or coffee while camping. We road tested it in the garden and it work a treat. I also purchased the alcohol burner for potential use in the (vented) camper van. Delivered within 48 hours at a great price. Thanks, Matt

paul warrington
Great little stove

Just right for wild camping and love the meths stove backup and the way it integrates. Good clean burn.

roger dyer

Solo Stove Lite

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