Q&A with Martin from Vildmark

Where did your love for Adventures begin?

I think my love for adventures started at an early age spending my youth fishing and kayaking on the the Norfolk Broads. In my early 20s I left the UK and spent 10 years working abroad in various roles within leisure and tourism.


How did you get into bush craft and what do you love about it?

Ive always had a love for bushcraft and really enjoy learning tings from different people. I think my love for the Sami way of life and there understanding of nature has really made me learn there way of using and utilising what nature has to offer.

What are your must have items when you plan a trip?

It really depends on what the trip is. I think the main items when out hiking or paddling is a dry set of warm clothes kept in a dry bag. So you have something warm, fresh and dry to change into and also in case of an emergency.

The one main thing that is in my bag is either a slab of Biltong or a few bags of Renjer Jerky.

Camping Food

Which adventure meals are your favourite?

My absolute favourite hiking meal is the Real Turmat Cod in Curry Sauce.

Do you have a preferred camping stove?

In a nutshell No I don't have a favourite. Versatility I love the Swedish Army M40 its not lightweight but can be used in many different scenarios.

If I'm camping not too far then I'd rather suffer by carrying the heavy Anevay Frontier Stove with me. I love this wood stove for hot tenting and cooking up a massive feast in the woods or on the beach.

If I'm hiking / packrafting then my lightweight cookset will be in my bag. This consists of a titanium cup, a £7.00 gas stove, lighter, 100g gas can and a aluminium windshield.

What advice would you give someone who is starting to adventure more this year?

Just get out there, get inspiration from youtube and facebook. Remember less is more and try to break away from false economy when investing in equipment (that saying you don't need to spend a fortune), start locally, research, plan and prepare.


What is in the pipeline for you for 2021?

I'm going to take 2021 on a day to day basis. I started the year COVID positive and it hit me really hard. For someone who never gets ill it has hit me like a train. The uncertainty of travel / new lockdowns will limit what we will be able to do.
I have planned a road trip to Sweden in June which will combine a week hiking and packrafting in the Glaskogens National Park and a week Hiking in the Tyresta National Park but that is all depending on COVID.

I think for 2021 the best thing to do is to plan for a trip but also prepare for a second which is much closer to home.

Where can our Base Camp Food readers see or read more about you?

I am fairly active on instagram @vildmark.co.uk My blog which is all about trying to inspire others to 'Get Outside" is at Vildmark.co.uk and my youtube channel is www.youtube.com/c/Vildmark

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