Hi everyone!

It is all going on here at Base Camp Food HQ as we are getting ready for the big launch!

There has been a lot of sorting through our fantastic ranges to get them ready in time for next week, whilst resisting the urge to unpack all the amazing stoves and cookware we have in order to cook and eat all of the incredible products.

We have to say, the dishes are more than a little bit tempting. It has been a struggle for the team to save any for you guys!

Not only are the edible ranges incredibly lightweight, they are also packed with energy and flavour! We then have a fantastic collection of very light, and very strong, titanium cookware and stoves - so that you can prepare your food wherever you are, without having to carry any unnecessary weight. There is even a stove that ensures you will never have to carry stove fuel again! Yes, that is right, the Vargo Titanium "Hexagon" Wood Stove allows you to use easy-to-find, renewable fuel wherever your travels may take you. The only thing needed? just basic fire skills!

The team have also been busily putting the finishing touches to all our fantastic products and we are thrilled to be working with all of the brands. In particular, LYO Expedition Food is one of the brands we are delighted to be able to offer our customers as, not only are they brand new to the UK, but they are exclusively available at Base Camp Food! We are not the only ones who are passionate about their products, made with 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives or artificial colours, they were awarded a gold award at the Outdoor Industry Awards at Friedrichshafen this year and continue to provide tasty breakfasts, filling meals and fruity snacks.

Well that is it from us for now, best get back to ensuring everything is ready in time for when we launch next week.

We promise we will save you some!

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