As you may have noticed, we are rather excited to be bringing LYO Expedition to the UK where it will be exclusively available from Base Camp Food. With the help of a team of nutritional specialists, using state of the art technology, LYO Expedition has developed balanced freeze-dried meals. These are at a minimum weight but with maximum nutritional value, without any preservatives or artificial additives! Not only this, but they are also really delicious and you can get a variety of products from a Chocolate Morning- to a warming dish of Farfalle with Gorgonzola and Spinach Sauce- then maybe followed by a plate of Strawberries? All of which are delivered to you packaged in their lightest weight form possible so you can enjoy your food without having to carry around unnecessary weight first.


A Little Bit About How LYO Expedition Came To Be

In the beginning there was Lyovit. Who just happened to be one of the major producers of freeze-dried herbs, fruits and vegetables with over twenty years of experience on the market. Their products were created to cater for the needs of climbers, sailors, backpackers and other extreme sportsmen. Lyovit then decided to expand and, using its revolutionary technology and know- how to, launched the first line of freeze-dried meals in 1998. The product was named “Lyofood” and received a very warm welcome.

As demand for these healthy and tasty freeze- dried meals grew, Lyofood began to develop a new international expansion strategy. The brand Lyofood was separated from its Mother Company and re-introduced as LYO FOOD. With a new design, new packaging and the proven quality LYO FOOD then launched its new product line called:



The ideas and the outdoor experience of LYO FOOD combined with the know-how and the technology of Lyovit, perfectly created exceptional products.

It is these products that we are delighted to be able to exclusively offer you now. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and as much as the judges form the Gold Out Door Industry award, who said:

“These freeze-dried meals are the tastiest currently available on the market. LYO Expedition offers a delicious variety of different tastes, even freeze-dried fruits are available. All the meals are free from preservatives and artificial additives. And the packaging has also been improved: it is now resealable."

They liked LYO Expedition so much that they awarded them the prestigious Gold Out Door Industry Award 2013 for best meals available on the market!

LYO Expedition food has already provided tasty fuel for many amazing expeditions including a climbing trip to Kyrgyzstan; A new climbing route, set in just twenty-Four days, at the Polish Sun Spire in Canada; A 700km climb to the highest mountain in southeast Greenland within thirty days; and they also fuelled Marek Kaminski and Jasiek Mela as the reached both the North and South Pole in one year!

So why not let it fuel your next expedition and don’t forget to let us know about it as we are always keen to hear about your adventures – wherever they may be!

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