Here at Base Camp Food, our aim is to be the UK’s leading supplier of lightweight meals, cookware and stoves. It’s an easy thing to say and write but what does that mean in practice and how can we be ‘leading’?

It’s not just about having a fantastic range of meals, it’s not just about an expanding range of lightweight cookware and stoves. It’s about how we develop relationships with our customers. It’s about delivering outrageously good customer service. It’s about surprising and delighting everybody who crosses our path.

We are a small, but growing, company and we have been giving real thought as to how we can involve our customers and friends in developing our business and providing the best product range. Of course this because we want to increase our sales, without sales we can’t grow our business. It’s also about feeling great about our business and really feeling proud to say we are Base Camp Food.

One step on this journey is to create a panel of reviewers for our products. We want all kinds of people, who enjoy the outdoors in one way or another, to be a real part of how we develop our range. Over the last ten days, we have been looking for reviewers to volunteer for the first Base Camp Food Tasting Team and we now have the shortlist.

We will ask our review team to take one our products out on their next adventure – big or small. This may be one of our freeze-dried meals, but will also evolve in to the lightweight cookware, such as our titanium sporks, and stoves. We have some great woodburning, lightweight stoves like the Solo Stove Original, and we really want to get a balanced view (we obviously love our products!) so we can share with other outdoors folk thinking about trying something new.

The review process will be simple, and we will simply ask for some thoughts and opinions on the product and how it performs in different situations. It will also be great to get some photographs showing our range in it’s natural environment!

We now have a shortlist of panel members but if you want o be considered for the next round, please just email me at

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