Our friends at LYO Expedition food have created the first freeze-dried 100% vegan meal ever! This tasty barley and lentil risotto, with avocado mousse is both lightweight and nutritious. If you are looking for a 100% vegan camping meal then this is the answer. Combining lentils, red pepper, pearl barley, avocado and leek, flavoured with lemon, parsley, oregano and sea salt you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy this one!

Our range of LYO meals, fruits and soups – exclusive to Base Camp Food in the UK - are becoming increasingly popular with new and existing customers, but what makes it so special?

LYO use only 100% natural ingredients, with no additives or preservatives added. LYO even grow many of their own herbs in their fields.

Many other meals mix the ingredients after they have been cooked separately – LYO cook their meals and then freeze dry, meaning their lightweight expedition food has the taste of a homemade dish.

The freeze drying process used means the meals are high energy with a high calorie count. It also keeps all of the food’s natural vitamins and minerals giving great nutritional value. The process also removes 98% of the moisture content meaning the meals are lightweight and compact.

LYO Expedition foods also check their meals are safe twice – both after the cooking process and after the freeze drying process to ensure the highest safety standards.

Perfect for all backpacking meals, expedition food and lightweight camping meals – LYO food is simple to prepare:

  • Tear off the top of the pouch above the zip lock
  • Remove the oxygen absorber
  • Add hot water and stir
  • Close the zip for 5 minutes
  • Open, Eat and Enjoy!

It’s no wonder that our customers love LYO!

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