Solo Stove will be arriving soon at Base Camp Food and we're really excited!

Solo Stove burns wood you can gather as you go so there is no need to take liquid fuel or tablets. At only 255 grams it is a fantastic piece of lightweight kit for all outdoor enthusiasts.

A look inside the fire chamberEfficient burn



The science bit...

As well as being lightweight and compact, it is extremely efficient. This  is a result of the secondary combustion for a more complete and efficient burn cycle. The bottom vents draw air to feed the primary combustion. As the hot air rises up the double walls and through the top vents which results in the secondary combustion cycle. It doesn't just burn wood, it cooks the smoke of the wood and then burns the smoke twice! This results in a lower fuel requirement than other wood stoves, produces a hotter fire and minimises smoke.


Packed size: Height 9.7cm, Width 10.8cm 
Assembled size:
 Height 14.6cm, Width 10.8cm
 304 stainless steel, nichrome wire
  sticks, twigs, pine cones and other biomass
Boil time:
 8-10 mins (0.9l of water)

How to Guide...

 We expect this to be priced at less than £60 and of course, UK delivery is free!


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