I've been looking forward to trying the LYO Expedition Mexican Dish for a while. It is one of chief taster Laura's favourites and I've been waiting for an excuse to take myself off in to the Peak District for a night and tuck in!

This is one of the award winning range from LYO Expedition, for which we are proud to be the only UK stockist. The food is lightweight, easy to prepare and usually very tasty.

As always, my Vargo titanium spork came along too!



It's simply a case of adding the dried mixture to about half a pint of boiling water and leaving (if you can) for 8-10 minutes - give it a quick stir and it's ready!

Once ready, it looked appetising and smelt great.

The dish is made up primarily of chicken, rice, sweetcorn and kidney beans and comes together in a sauce. It is not too spicy but has good chilli and paprika flavour. If I was eating this at home I would probably add a little more spice. The chicken tastes like the excellent quality we come to expect from LYO and as always it tastes great and was warming and wholesome.

I took a standard size portion with me and, after a 4-5 hour hike this was perfect for one. At 93 grams, it is relatively lightweight and contains 360Kcals. As with all LYO food, the ingredients are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial additives.

For a full day out in the mountains the larger size may work better but it depends on your appetite (equally the larger size would be good for two to share for as lunch stop). This one weighs in at 126 grams with 488Kcals. 




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