Thermacell Halo Mini Protector Citrus

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Turn on the Thermacell Halo Mini Protector and the mosquitoes are gone! This device repels insects without killing or harming them!

Some us live for summer but we don't look forward to the attack of the midges and mosquito ambush! To make sure you don't get cornered, get this Halo Mini Patio Shield Mosquito and Midge Repeller from Thermacell.

This handy, portable defence against the insects device creates a 20m Sq. protection zone to ward off unwanted intruders during your garden tea party with the kids or picnic at the park. With 12 hours’ worth of protection included , and a weather-resistant cover, you won't want to be without this mozzie deterrent on your next camping trip!

To ensure you keep mini beasties away continuously, the blue repellent-soaked mats will turn white when they are no longer effective, so you’ll know it’s time for a change. Plus, as there’s room to store four mats in the device itself, they’ll always be close at hand. If you’re sitting outside for longer than 4 hours, remember to keep an eye on the time and the mat so you’re not caught out. To change the mat, turn the device off and wait for the grille to cool down before removing the old mat and inserting the new one.

How to use

  • Place your Thermacell device onto a flat surface, remove the protective cover from the top of the device and insert the repellent mat under the grill
  • To insert the gas cartridge, remove the cap from the cartridge and screw it into the underside of the device by rotating it clockwise until it stops turning – the device will only work if the cartridge is fully inserted
  • Rotate the base to the right until the line points to ‘ON’ and the gas will begin to flow.
  • Wait 5 seconds and rotate the base further to the right until the line points to ‘START’ and you will hear the ignition click – the base will automatically return to the ‘ON’ position
  • You should be able to see an orange glow in the view hole (near the top of the device) – this means the device is working and, in 15 minutes (30 minutes in larger areas), you will be protected from flies, midges and mosquitoes
  • If there’s no orange glow, rotate the base to the ‘START’ position again until you see an orange glow through the view hole
  • When you’re ready to head back indoors, rotate the base to the left until the line points to ‘OFF’ and allow the device to cool completely before storing

In the box

  • Halo Mini unit
  • 1 x butane gas canister (lasts for 12 hours)
  • 3 x insect repelling mats (each lasts four hours)

What it does

  • Creates a 20m Sq. shield against insects
  • Repels insects without harming them
  • Compact and portable
  • Dimensions: 10 x 11 x 23.5cm


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