Summit to Eat Vegetable Chipotle Chilli with Rice

Size: Reg Pack - 136g (628 kcal)
Sale price£7.45


  • Freeze Dried Main Meal
  • Dry Weight of 136g or 217g
  • Energy of 628kcal or 1003kcal
  • Long shelf life

Ingredients: Parboiled Long Grain Rice (24%), Red Kidney Beans (13%), Cauliflower Florets, Diced Bell Peppers, Chopped Tomatoes, Diced Onions, Tomato Paste, Rapeseed Oil, Chocolate Chips, Chipotle Chilli Paste (Water, Ground Chipotle Chillies, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt); Cornflour, Salt.

Allergy Information: None.

Nutrition Per 100g

Energy 462kcal, Protein 11.1g, Carbohydrates 47.2g, Sugar 15.2g, Fat 22.3g, Saturated Fat 3.1g, Fibre 13.7g, Salt 1.1g

Nutrition Per 136g

Energy 628kcal, Protein 15.1g, Carbohydrates 64.2g, Sugar 20.7g, Fat 30.4g, Saturated Fat 4.2g, Fibre 18.6g, Salt 1.6g

Nutrition Per 217g

Energy 1003kcal, Protein 24.1g, Carbohydrates 102.4g, Sugar 33g, Fat 48.5g, Saturated Fat 6.7g, Fibre 29.6g, Salt 2.5g


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Duncan Arno
Convenient tasty great

Great tasting, light weight and convenient food for my overseas motorbike adventures. So handy to have in the dry bag, love it.

Jonathan Hopkins
Great with tortillas

Tastes great, probably my favourite flavour from the Summit To Eat range. I used (along with some dried refried beans and grated cheese) as a tortilla filling. Incredibly filling and probably enough for 2

Ken Henley
Good meal

I'm not a vegetarian but this is a very good, tasty meal. Thoroughly recommend it.

Paul Lindley
Price hike!

The meals are not bad and I usualy get a few to be going on with however youve hiked the prices up by four pounds recentley in just 2 months. There not really worth it now in my opinion. Wil be taking more of my home made food in future.

Matthew Davies

This was lovely paired with a Naan, really tasty! Something well worth looking forward to after a day in the saddle!

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