SOL Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool

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Having the Sol Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool in your expedition pack is having all the emergency essentials at the ready. Reassuringly, you will know you're ready for any emergency that requires you to stay warm and be found by a rescue team.

  • Keep warm by starting a fire with the Tinder Quik and Micro Sparker. The side of the container also has a striker to generate sparks.
  • Signal for help with the high-decibel whistle and signal mirror located on the inside of the cap.
  • Navigate your way to safety with the liquid-filled compass at the base of the cap. Keep your emergency essentials in the waterproof compartment.

The breakaway lanyard ensures you can have your essentials ready around your neck, in your pack, or in your pocket.

Always be prepared for your next adventure with the SOL Fire Lite 8-in-1 Survival Tool.


  • 8 Tools in 1
    Compact survival tool for navigation, signalling, and fire starting that can fit in a pocket or hang around your neck.
  • Navigation
    Liquid-filled compass for steady readings on twist-off cap.
  • Signalling
    Reflective mirror on the inside of the twist-off cap and a survival whistle on the opposite end of the tool to signal for help.
  • Fire Starters
    Use the Micro Sparker or flint striker on the side of the tool plus the Tinder Quik to start a fire.
  • Tinder Cord Lanyard
    Lanyard can be used to hang tool around your neck, attach to pack, or light a stove by exposing the ignitable inner strands.
  • Waterproof Compartment
    Keep all your fire starting tools dry in the waterproof compartment.

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