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The OPTIMUS SVEA doesn't really need much introduction from us, it is a climbing society cult classic which has been tested all over the world for a century. That it is still as popular as ever is testament to the classic design and performance, particularly at altitude. Ideal when both weight and volume needs to be kept to a minimum, this stove is solid brass and runs on white gasoline.

The lid doubles as a small cooking pot so you don't always need to carry a separate one.


  • Complete unit weighs 550g
  • Self pressurised tank so no need to pump
  • Power: 1400w
  • Fuel: White Gasoline
  • Burn time of 50 mins at full power output
  • Boil time for 1l water in 7 mins (altitude, climate dependent)

Customer Reviews

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David Gidman
Tried and tested

Stoves nowadays are the result of years of testing and adjusting by people and companies but this has needed little or no adjustment in over a century except for the cleaning needle. Simple design and easy to use really. Aspen 4T is the fuel I use. Possibly not perfect for todays ultra lightweight backpacking but nonthless a great reliable little stove to have in your arsenal.

Susan Proctor
Optimus 123r

It’s a great stove and like others have said not the easiest to use. However it’s really robust and well made. I’d recommend Coleman fuel, it works faultlessly. It burns hot and is really cool considering how old the actual design is.

Mr Tim Hicks
Optimus 123r

Not the easiest stove to use by any means, and with modern additives to unleaded petrol it's not as easy or cheap to run as they once were. Despite that it's hard not to fall in love with shiney little stove, and it's still very economical to run if you use Aspen 4 stroke fuel (available from larger garden centres and lawnmower specialists).
Not likely to replace my Coleman Sportster as the "permanently in the car" stove, or my Primus Omnifuel as the "campfire backup". Instead it holds the esteemed position of "canoe carry". This is because space is more of a premium than weight (no titanium here), and it's just a joy to look at and tinker with on the riverbank.

David Bedingfield
Optimus 123 Stove

Only used it twice, but very impressed with it. Good quality nice and compact little stove.

Neil Jepson
Optimus SVEA 123R

Quality Optimus / SVEA product.
I had read some negative comments about buying new, compared to second hand originals but decided to buy new anyway as I already have the Optimus Omni fuel that I love and second hand caries risk of previous damage.
The finish and quality of the new 123 is excellent, works perfectly, continuing to uphold its excellent well earned reputation. Highly recommend buying this product. the R function of self cleaning makes it even better!

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