LYO Expedition Mexican Dish

Size: Reg Pack - 94g (370 Rehydrated)



Soft and tender chicken pieces, protein-rich beans, golden sweet corn and vegetables. All these ingredients are delicious spiced and cooked in one pot. Then served with white rice. Ay, caramba!

  • Long shelf life 
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives or artificial additives
  • Easy to prepare 

Ingredients: rice 34%, chicken breast filet 28%, red beans 10 %, vegetables in varying proportions 14% (sweet corn, onion, red bell pepper), tomato paste 2%, wheat flour, potato flour, canola oil, mixed herbs.

Allergy Information: Contains wheat flour.

Nutrition Per 100g
Energy 382 kcal, Protein 38.4g, Carbohydrates 43.9g, Sugar 3.7g, Fat 4.7g, Saturated Fat 1.03g, Fibre 5.36g, Salt 2.9g

Nutrition Per 94g serving (370g Rehydrate)
Energy 359 kcal, Protein 36.1g, Carbohydrates 41.27g, Sugar 3.48g, Fat 4.42g, Saturated Fat 0.97g, Fibre 5.04g, Salt 2.73g

Nutrition Per 126g serving (500g Rehydrate)
Energy 481 kcal, Protein 48.38g, Carbohydrates 55.31g, Sugar 4.66g, Fat 5.92g, Saturated Fat 1.3g, Fibre 6.75g, Salt 3.65g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Sean McGraw
Hot Food on a Cold Day

First time trying a dehydrated meal from the LYO range. Usual quick delivery and great packing from BCF. I enjoyed the light meal when spending a day on my local hills, had been a wet cold and very windy day. Consistency of the food was very nice , and "real", flavour was nice and I enjoyed the texture. I struggle with some of the other dehydrated packs but this one did the trick, I would purchase again, highly recommended...

Peter H
Really tasty and filling

I've returned to dehydrated meals with some trepidation after a long absence, with memories of the 'chicken supreme' my dad used to get for long walking holidays. What a pleasant surprise, easily as tasty as something I'd cook at home and very welcome after a long day in the hills. Recommended.

Zachary Anderson

Decent texture, but monotonous and dull flavour.

Dawn Adam
Virus stopped play!

I bought these on the back of tasting a couple i bought for an expedition up Mt Mulangi (Africa). Unfortunately, due to the virus arriving I have not had the opportunity to try them.

paul whitmore

LYO Expedition Mexican Dish

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