Helinox Savanna Chair

Colour: Black
Sale price£199.95


The Savanna Chair features a high back and wider seat for ultimate comfort! But it still weighs just 4lb 3oz!


  • Innovative design makes it easy to store.
  • Quick and easy set up, with single shock corded pole structure.
  • Advanced alloy DAC Aluminium pole frame.
  • Durable 600-weave polyester seat.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Integrated headrest flap.
  • 2 integrated cup holders.
  • 5 Year Warranty.


  • Assembled Height - 112cm / 44in
  • Packed Length - 54.5cm / 21in
  • Weight - 1900g / 4lb3oz
  • Capacity - 145kg / 320lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard Ziegler
Nice chair but overpriced

The Helinox Savanna chair is lightweight and compact when packed away enabling me to carry it attached to my rucksack. It seems well made and is easy to erect and dismantle, the issue I have is the price then if you want the attachment that stops it falling over or the weight spreader for use on mud or sand you have to pay extra, they should come with the chair that costs an average price of £200. The cup holders work ok for cans and bottles but when I get up from the seat they swing in toward the seat risking spillage, this design has room for improvement. These holders aren't suitable for a wine glass or cup so Helinox do a plastic cup holder which again has to be purchased as an extra. I'm close to 6ft tall and still found the cushion holder to high when using my Helinox inflatable cushion that I had to pay for, I found the chair uncomfortable to use without the cushion or alternative padding. The storage bag has no facility to carry the additional items, I managed to wrap the weight spreader in the chair which just fits in the bag but the pillow and plastic cup holder need clips or small carabinas fitted so they can be clipped to the loops on the outside of the bag, real design oversights for the price Helinox charge for these things. All in all with the extras to make this chair more comfortable and usable the cost would exceed £260 which is to much in my opinion.

Amazing chair

Having deliberated for months I finally splashed out on a Helinox Savanna chair to use with my tiny caravan. Given that I tow with a 2011 Mini Clubman and have very limited cargo weight in my caravan, size and weight really matter which is one of the reasons this appealed. I wanted a high backed, comfortable chair with a small pack size and weight. I am extremely pleased with my Savanna on all counts, and although they are eye-wateringly expensive, I think it is worth it for the quality, design and comfort. I particularly like the head rest "flap", it works really well with a small cushion, or rolled up down jacket. Glad I finally decided to buy one.

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