Helinox Ground Sheet

Size: Chair One
Sale price£29.95


Accessorise your Helinox Chair to deal with any uneven or soft ground with the Helinox Ground Sheet. Snaps easily onto the bottom of your Helinox Chair legs and levels the load to prevent sinking.

* Does not include the Chair * 


  • Chair Zero Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 25cm / 10in; Weight - 140g / 5oz
  • Chair One Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 24cm / 9.5in; Weight - 140g / 5oz
  • Chair Two Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 29cm / 11.5in; Weight - 155g / 5.5oz
  • Sunset Chair Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 21cm / 8.3in; Weight - 160g / 5.7oz
  • Savanna Chair & Chair One XL Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 25cm / 10in; Weight - 150g
  • Swivel Chair Ground Sheet - Packed Length - 24cm / 9in; Weight - 155g / 5oz

Customer Reviews

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Does the job!

Arrived quickly. Very well designed, fits chair legs easily into corner pockets in the ground sheet spreading the load over the whole area beneath the seat. The pockets themselves have a strong base shape underneath, a flat area with a slightly raised centre moulding where the legs rest on above. This looks like a product that will last a long time. Would thoroughly recommend.

Glenn Street
Helinox sunset chair groundmat

I have a lightweight camping chair high back with alloy frame similar to the helinox but cheap enough not to have to worry about it being left out unattended...the feet measure 450/430 between bases, and the sunset ground mat measures 470/430 and fits near perfect, I had to replace the plastic feet on the chair with 14mm rubber end caps found on E bay (as was the chair) not yet tested in the field...

Kev B
Well worth it

After the initial worry of fitting the groundsheet, as it is a really tight fit I am delighted with the mat.
Stopped the chair zero sinking on really wet and boggy ground.
A definite accessory to have if using the chair out and about.

Christina Bowyer
Essential accessory for the Helinox zero chair

Brilliant accessory for the also brilliant Helinox chair Zero. They are so brilliant that I have bought 2 chairs and 2 ground sheets. One for my daughter and one for me. Completely alters walking, camping and cycling days out as they are so small and lightweight that they fit into a pannier or backpack.

Michael Fontaine
Helinox Chair Zero and Ground Sheet

This review is for the Helinox Chair Zero and Ground Sheet combined. Although I was initially sceptical, this product is, quite simply, wonderful. I have just spent a weekend, at the end of October, wild camping in the Scottish Highlands...before you say "why on earth would you do that?!", it was necessary to allow me to complete a 3 Munro hill-walking route in daylight, during the shorter daylight hours at this time of year, and the bothies are all closed due to Covid-19. The ground was completely saturated due to a LOT of rainfall over recent weeks, and this chair made the difference between staying comfortable and dry, instead of sitting in a 2" deep puddle of water-saturated moss. Despite how wet the ground was, the addition of the Ground Sheet completely prevented the chair sinking into the ground when I sat on it (I weigh approx. 83 kg). My camping buddy, who also has a Chair Zero was using the balls that attach to the feet of the chair, and they also prevented his chair sinking into the mud, but I think the Ground Sheet performed a little better and is, I think, better suited for use on sand, etc.

When assembling the chair at home, the build quality seems very good, but I was sceptical that such a lightweight item would be robust. It feels a little bit wobbly when you sit on it, and it is very low to the ground. However, in use it has proven itself to be very robust, and the seat is very comfortable and big enough to allow you to sit upright, or slouch comfortably as you gaze at the stars. Getting in and out of the chair is easy, provided you are relatively agile (and haven't drunk too much wine!).

My camping style is 'minimalist'; I go as light as possible, and until now a chair has been a heavy, luxury item that I would never have considered. However, at approx. 500g, this chair strapped easily to my rucksack and I didn't notice the extra weight. It has become my new absolute favourite piece of camping kit. Yes, it's a bit pricey for what it is (it is just a small folding chair after all), but having scoured the Internet there is no other product (currently) out there that boasts such a low weight. If you wild camp, you have to get one of these...for me it has paid for itself after just one trip which would otherwise have been a soggy nightmare. Seriously, buy one and you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Thank you Helinox!

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