Expedition Foods Chicken Rice with Vegetables (High Energy)

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Expedition Foods Chicken Rice with Vegetables is a fantastic no nonsense, tasty and high energy dehydrated meal that is lightweight and compact, making an ideal choice for camping and expedition trips.

Made with tender cooked chicken, peas, sweetcorn and hearty rice, this favourite meal has fuelled expeditions, sailors, bike-packers, ultramarathoners and every day adventurers around the world. Just add hot water and in five minutes you'll be ready to enjoy a delicious meal.

  • High Energy 800 kcal portion size
  • Food for Outdoor Activities, also great for emergency rations  
  • Long shelf life of up to 5 years  
  • Just add hot (or cold water, if necessary), seal the bag and wait to rehydrate
  • Highest calorie-to-weight ratio     
Get a fantastic boost to a fresh day with this tasty breakfast from Expedition Foods.

    INGREDIENTS: Parboiled Long Grain Rice (31%), Diced Cooked Chicken (13%), Sweetcorn, Whole Peas, Diced Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Garlic, Diced Carrot, Green Beans, Thyme, Cornflour, Chicken Powder, Vegetable Stock (Dried Vegetables (41%), (Onion, Leek), Salt, Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Turmeric, Black Pepper), Salt, White Pepper.


    Nutrition Per 100g:

    Energy 446Kcal, Protein 22.9g, Carbohydrates 44.9g, Sugar 7g, Fat 17.6g, Saturated Fat 1.8g, Fibre 8g, Sodium 954mg

    Nutrition Per Pack (800 kcal):

    Energy 802Kcal, Protein 41.2g, Carbohydrates 80.8g, Sugar 12.6g, Fat 31.7g, Saturated Fat 3.2g, Fibre 14.4g, Sodium 1710mg

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    Cristian Ionescu
    Excellent food

    Excellent taste and value, easy to prepare, I’ll order more for an extensive sailing cruise where easy prep and taste maters

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