Summit to Eat Chicken Tikka with Rice

Size: Reg Pack - 126g (665 kcal)


  • Freeze Dried Main Meal
  • Long shelf life

Ingredients: Long Grain Rice (26%), Chopped Tomatoes, Diced Onion, Cooked Diced Chicken (11%), Single Cream (Milk), Plain Yoghurt (Milk), Rapeseed Oil, Tikka Curry Paste (3%) (Spirit Vinegar, Tomato Paste, Sunflower Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Coriander, Garam Masala, Coriander Ground, Sugar, Paprika Ground, Sea Salt, Milk Powder Skimmed, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Cumin Seed Ground, Fenugreek Ground, Cardamom Ground, Chilli Powder, Lactic Acid, Bay Leaves, Thickener (Xanthan Gum) Preservatives ( Ascorbic Acid, Potassium Sorbate)), Garlic, Cornflour, Chilli powder.

Allergy Information: Contains Milk.

Nutrition Per 100g

Energy 528kcal, Protein 20.2g, Carbohydrates 41.3g, Sugar 6.1g, Fat 30.2g, Saturated Fat 7.1g, Fibre 5.0g, Salt 0.6g

Nutrition Per Pack 126g

Energy 665kcal, Protein 25.5g, Carbohydrates 52.1g, Sugar 7.7g, Fat 38.1g, Saturated Fat 8.9g, Fibre 6.3g, Salt 0.8g

Nutrition Per Pack 190g

Energy 1003kcal, Protein 38.4g, Carbohydrates 78.5g, Sugar 11.6g, Fat 57.5g, Saturated Fat 13.5g, Fibre 9.6g, Salt 1.2g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Paul Dunn
Summit to eat.

The best tasting Chicken tikka in a bag by far! I just keep on re ordering this time and time again as for my outdoor adventures. Just add boiling water stir well and leave and you have a heart warming ready meal.

Andrew Clabon
First time try

I had the large (1000 cal) pack.
Pack was physically bigger than I thought it might be.
Having said that there was plenty of room in the pack when the hot water was added.
Plenty of meat and just the amount of spice. Went down a treat.
Just don't look at it as you eat.
Tip, fold down the open packed a little before you add the water. It makes it easier to get a spoon to the bottom of the pack.

Brian Wade
Another good Summit to eat meal.

I've been a fan of Summit to Eat meals for a while. I like the Irish stew the best but the Chicken Tikka is also something to look forward to.
I've found that the meals benefit from a little more water than they suggest, if the instructions say 300ml I will add 330ml. Also the rehydration process is very heat dependent, it is very beneficial to add boiling water and then keep the packet as insulated as possible. I knocked up a pouch from a damaged foam yoga mat, but even wrapping the meal in your bobble hat or sleeping bag will make an enormous difference. Personally I would far rather have something a little soggier but fully rehydrated than have a few little bits that are not quite done.
About the only thing I don't like is the antioxidant sachet which has to be dug out. I have lost food from the packet on more than one occassion playing' hunt the sachet'. Not all suppliers of dehydrated meals use these sachets and if they are to be used it would be nice if they could be glued to the tearoff part of the packet.

Gillian Hill
Tasty as anything

With all summit to eat meals I find this really tasty and easy to make.
Big chunks of chicken and a nice level of spiciness.
Will definitely buy it again.

Rusty Nail

First try at Summit and not disappointed at all, easy to use and very tasty.

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