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Optimus have raised the standard very high with this versatile, award-winning stove that the Man in the Moon wants one. He can’t, but you’ll rejoice in this multi-talented stove that takes nearly any fuel* you want to give it to make sure you have a warm meal … anytime, anywhere, any weather. You get superior, reliable, one-jet cooking performance with no fiddling to change nozzles or attachments. When using LP Gas canisters, just flip between 4 Season Mode in cold temps and the Efficiency Mode for other use. Need a little stove scrub? Shazam! With the integrated magnetic cleaning needle, you can do that too, even while cooking. Plus, get end-of-day yum in the tum quickly with the patented quick-priming burner.

* Endless choices! White gas, LP Gas, Gasoline, Kerosene, Diesel, Jet fuel


  • Boil time from only 4 mins (1l average) dependent on climate and altitude - using a gas cannister
  • Fuel type: White Gas, Kerosene, Diesel and Jet Fuel
    Gas Butane, Propane, Isobutane
  • Material: Stainless steel, brass and aluminium
  • Burn time of 100 mins at maximum output
  • Weight 475g stove + pump
  • Power of 4200W white gas, 3300W LPG gas cannister
  • Includes stove, windshield, stuff sack, tool

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Customer Reviews

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Guy Lewis
Optimus Polaris

I used this cooker in Norway in a tent in minus 27 degrees outside melting snow using naphtha fuel. Couldn't fault the performance of the cooker to melt snow very quickly, roughly 4-5 minutes. Once you get used to the priming process its really easy to use. I also liked how you don't have to change any jets when using different fuels and cleaning process is done by a magnet on the multitool provided. Only down side of the cooker is the noise it makes which is quite loud.

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