Raging Bull Beef Biltong & Jerky Bundle

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Save 12% when buying this complete Raging Bull bundle. Contains 7 Raging Bull pouches:

  • Original Beef Biltong (28g pouch) 
  • Chilli Beef Biltong (28g pouch)
  • Teriyaki Beef Biltong (28g pouch)
  • Original Beef Beer Droewors sticks (50g pouch)
  • Original Beef Jerky (28g pouch)
  • Peppered Beef Jerky (28g pouch)
  • Sweet Hot Beef Jerky (28g pouch)

Base Camp Food are an authorised stockiest Raging Bull Meat Snacks. Raging Bull have been crafting their high quality Beef Biltong in the UK for over 25 years.

Safety Information: Packed with an inedible oxygen absorber (do not consume).

Pack Size: 28g pouches

Use the links below to see more information including ingredients and nutritional data, or to purchase individually:

Original Beef Biltong (28g)

Teriyaki Beef Biltong (28g)

Chilli Beef Biltong (28g)

Original Beef Droewors (28g)

Original Beef Jerky (28g)

Peppered Beef Jerky (28g)

Sweet Hot Beef Jerky (28g)


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