Titanium Ultralight Outdoor Cookware Review!

While we’ve entered the winter season, adventures don’t stop. There’s a variety of thrilling and adventurous outdoor activities such as snow hiking and snowboarding that adrenaline junkies can engage in during winter. To keep your body healthy and replenish during your outdoor adventures, it’s vital that you consume healthy and nutritious foods. To prepare healthy meals easily and quickly, choosing and bringing easy to use lightweight cookware is imperative. Here are reviews of five Titanium Ultralight lightweight cookware you should consider for your next outdoor journey!

  1. Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot (900ml)

Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot (900ml)

Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml is incredibly durable and ultralight at only 115g. Made of only 0.3mm paper thin titanium plate and hand-pressed by highly experienced Japanese craftsmen, Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml is 20% lighter than the conventional model while achieving the same durability of the conventional model. Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml’s featherweight makes the pot a top choice for many outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition to its ultralight weight, Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml has a wide range of attributes that helps campers, hikers, or alike, cook delicious meals even outdoors. For example, Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml has volume markings which are designed for easy measurement. If you’re cooking soup, stew, or anything in between, the volume markings make it fabulously easy for you to ensure that you’re adding the right amount of ingredients or water to stir up a flavoursome meal. Moreover, Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml is spacious. Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml has a volume of 900ml which is enough for cooking a meal for two people.

Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml also comes with a stuff sack which makes carrying Titanium Ultralight Pot 900ml seamless when you’re exploring outdoors.

2. Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot Set S (600ml and 900ml)

If you’re exploring and adventuring with a group of mates, you can purchase Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot Set S. This set comes with two pots: 600ml and 900ml. Both pots are Made of 0.3mm paper thin titanium plate which makes the pot 20% lighter than the conventional model. Moreover, both pots are hand-pressed by marvelously experienced Japanese craftsmen. These pots are the lightest on the market for their sizes while achieving unparalleled durability. In addition, both pots have volume markings so you can cook with precision.

To help you carry both pots effortlessly while exploring outdoors, you can fit the 600ml pot in the 900ml and place the 900ml pot in a stuff sack which is a part of the overall set. This compactness makes the Evernew Titanium Ultralight Pot Set S fabulously convenient to carry for your next adventure!

3. Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750

If you’re an avid coffee or hot chocolate drinker like us, you’ll love Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750! The first of the Vargo cookware line, the 750 ml Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug (T-401) is one of the most popular and versatile mugs in the market. While this ultralight mug is commonly used for holding hot beverages such as tea, coffee, or hot water, it’s large enough to cook meals! For example, if you want to enjoy a hot, steamy meal of Wayfayrer Vegetable Curry and Rice, you can use the Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750 to cook the meal.

Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Mug 750 is also designed so that you can hold and sustain hot foods by creating a heat-resistant knob! The mug comes with an original strainer lid to keep your food or beverage nice and warm!

Additional features include:

  • Ultralight titanium construction
  • Graduated measurements
  • Biocompatible
  • Foldaway handles
  • Mesh storage bag

4. Evernew Titanium Alcohol Stove

Ultralight Titanium Alcohol Stove is brilliant for cooking, boiling water, or making soup. Even if you’re bringing a ready to eat meal such as the Vegetarian All Day Breakfast and don’t necessarily need hot water or a stove to prepare the meal, cooking a ready to eat meal using Ultralight Titanium Alcohol Stove makes the meal more delicious and flavoursome and warmer for your stomach in comparison to consuming the meal straight from the pouch.

The Ultralight Titanium Alcohol Stove is compact and lightweight at only 34g. It’s maintenance-free and its bi-level jet system creates a strong, stable flame.

The volume markings inside the stove for easy measurement of the fuel. Fuel capacity is 70ml which suffices for plenty of meals.

5. MSR Titan™ Fork and Spoon

Don’t forget the utensils! MSR Titan Fork and Spoon is a multi-purpose utensil that you can use to eat scrumptious pasta or rice or devour soup. These titanium utensils deliver ultralight utility and unrivalled durability and they’re incredibly easy to clean since food don’t stick on MSR Titan Fork and Spoon.

For easy carry, these titanium utensils are lightweight at merely 28g and they come with a crew-locked cable so you can easily lock them to a strap on your bag and carry them while exploring the wilderness!

Looking for more titanium ultralight cookware? Shop at our online cookware store! You can select from a wide range of titanium ultralight cookware choices that will serve your needs!

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