Best Camping Equipment: Helinox Edition

Since 2009, Helinox has brought comfort outdoors by designing premium packable furniture and accessories, so that you can be at home, anywhere.

Furniture is meant to travel, so Helinox has designed theirs to be portable, durable, beautiful, and more importantly, comfortable. This means you can relax when you’re backpacking deep in the woods, sitting on an urban rooftop, lounging at the beach, car camping, or simply hanging out with friends in your backyard.

Helinox is proud to have innovated and developed the new category of lightweight portable furniture using the company’s advanced technical know-how; melding craftsmanship, design and premium materials into an award-winning line of products. Helinox promises that you’ll feel the difference in comfort, durability and portability.

Born from the tent pole technology experts at DAC, a globally renowned aluminum tent poles brand, Helinox products are built with innovative high-strength lightweight alloy tubing and diligently selected and patterned fabrics.

We’re proud to offer Helinox outdoor or camping equipment at Base Camp Food, Here are four Helinox outdoor or equipment you can bring at your next adventure.

1. Camping Furniture

Camping Furniture

Lightweight, foldable camping furniture for all weather conditions, Helinox camping chairs, Helinox cot, and Helinox tables bring the comfort of home to your campsite. Incredibly portable and easy to set-up, Helinox camping furniture can be stowed in a car or backpack. When it's time to enter indoors, you can hose them off to wash away the smoke and dust of your campground adventure.

Camping Chair

Comfort in the backcountry

Backpacking no longer means roughing it in the wilderness. Gone are the days of when bringing a camp chair was unheard of. Helinox backpacking chairs, cots, and tables are articulately designed to be lightweight, durable, packable, and comfortable.

Camping Van

Comfort for vanlife

You've simplified, downsized, and converted your camper van into the adventure-mobile of your dreams. Keep the minimalist vibes going with Helinox camping chairs, cots, and tables.

Use Helinox’s ultra lightweight, compact, durable camping furniture for wherever your vanlife adventure takes you.

2. Helinox Camping Chairs

Camping Chair

Helinox’s lightweight, foldable camping chairs are perfect for all weather conditions. Helinox camping chairs bring the comfort of home to your campsite. Super portable and effortless to set up, Helinox camping chairs can be packed in a closet, car, or even backpack. When it's time to head indoors, simply hose them off to wash away the smoke and dust of your campground adventure.

Brilliantly compact

Helinox has revolutionized camp chairs with its new approach based on advanced materials and unmatched design. The result is a range of camp chairs that are lighter and more compact than regular chairs. For example, Helinox Chair Two only weighs approximately 1,185 or 2lb 10oz. When Helinox Table One is packed, it's merely 46cm in length.

With a Helionx camping chair, you can carry it comfortably in your backpack on the trail. You can also save space and weight in your RV or van with camping chairs that take up less than half the space of traditional folding camp chairs.

Robust and light

As aforementioned, Helinox offers you the ultimate combination of optimal strength with minimum weight. Helinox chair frames are built with ultra-lightweight and exceptionally strong DAC aluminum alloy poles. This advanced pole technology was developed for expedition-level backpacking tents and is trusted by the world’s most renowned adventurers. Helinox is the only furniture brand to use DAC aluminum alloy poles.

Impeccable support and unmatched comfort

Helinox has designed their seats to deliver as much support and comfort as possible while maintaining minimal weight and bulk. Helinox camping chairs’ strong frames support your body, the sturdy base lets you lean back without tipping over, and the wide-seat design gives you room to move. In addition, sitting higher up off the ground keeps you warmer, drier, and makes it easier to get in and out of your seat. Helinox’s materials and construction won't sag or bend so your chair stays comfortable for years.

3. Helinox Camping Tables

Helinox Camping Tables

Bring the comfort of your dining room to your favorite campsite with a Helinox camping table. Helinox tables feature superior strength, stability, weather and UV resistant surfaces, and deliver years of reliable performance. Helinox camping table is a light, strong folding camping table that's easy to set-up, clean, and store; these tables are an easy way to make camping more comfortable.

Simple setup

Helinox’s camping tables set-up fast and are easy to bring along when you want to create your own space.

Compact Design

They're built for years of use, easy to assemble and fold-up small for convenient transport to the beach, campsite, park, deck or tailgating lot.

Ultra light

All of the Helinox tables offer lightweight, packable performance for easy carry and quick set-up. Helinox tables’ frames are built with ultra lightweight and strong DAC aluminum alloy poles. For example, Helinox Table One only weighs 690g and is merely 41cm in length when it's packed.

4. Helinox Camping Cots

Camping Cots

No matter your camping style, Helinox cots are the lightest, strongest, most comfortable beds you can pack on your next trip. Weighing as little as three pounds, they are easy to clean and fast to set-up, providing a firm, comfortable campsite bed.

Supportive and comfortable

Helinox camping cots feature our innovative lever-locking system - providing a stable, supportive, comfortable sleeping platform that keeps up to 320 pounds off the ground for a good night's sleep.

Compact and lightweight

All of the Helinox cots are fabulously lightweight. The lightest weighing is just three pound. The materials hold tight, and the frames provide lasting tension that delivers bed-like comfort that won't sag during the night. The setup process is easy and the strong DAC aluminum frames support as much as 320 pounds.

Innovative and durable

Helinox camping cots provide comfort that goes beyond sleeping. Everything Helinox makes is designed to last and back by a 5-year warranty.

Want to explore other outdoor equipment we offer? Check out our online camping chair, camping table, camping furniture, or other camping equipment store! If you have any questions, please let us know!

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