Dehydrated Camping Food

Dehydrating food refers to the process of slowly removing moisture from food using traditional methods such as air drying or solar drying, or modern technology such as a dehydrator.

Dehydrated food is a convenient stable or emergency supply in your home. It’s also brilliant for camping trips, offshore sailing and expeditions!

Dehydrated food maintains the same vitamins, minerals, and nutrition as fresh ingredients. This makes dehydrated food marvellous for rejuvenating your body with plentiful nutrition when you’re camping, hiking, or enjoying other outdoor activities.

Here are seven benefits of dehydrated camping food you should know:

1. Preserves 100% Of Nutrition

100% of the fibre and minerals such as selenium, potassium, and magnesium (essential for body functions!) are preserved from whole fruit and vegetables. Similarly, vitamins A & C in plant food is retained in near entirety during the dehydration process. 

2. Long Shelf Life

A modern dehydrator removes roughly 75% of the moisture from ingredients. Once dehydrated, the ingredients are packed inside airtight moisture-proof jars, bags or containers. When stored properly, such as keeping the dried goods in a cool, dark area foods such as rice, corn, wheat and grains can last 30 years or more. Dehydrated vegetables, fruits, and pastas have a shelf life of up to 30 years.

3. No Preservative

Dehydrated food doesn’t have any chemicals or preservatives that are harmful to your body and the environment.

4. Affordable

Our dehydrated package food starts from £6.95 per bag (e.g. Firepot Posh Baked Beans) which is affordable for most campers. In addition, our dehydrated packaged food is excellent in value. Each package is filled with healthy and fresh ingredients that help replenish a camper’s body after an exhausting trip or hike. For example, the Firepot Posh Baked Beans has potato, onion, ginger, and other nutritious ingredients.

5. Compact and Light to Carry

Dehydrated foods are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry.

For example, our Firepot Spicy Pork Noodles only weighs 105g, which makes the all ready to eat meal ideal to carry when you’re camping, hiking, yachting, fishing or going on other outdoor activities and expeditions.

Our main or bigger portion meals are also highly light and compact. For example, our Firepot Chilli Non Carne and Rice package, which is bigger in portion size in our selection of dehydrated food packages, only weighs 105g. The pack offers 359kcal per 100g.

6. Easy to Store

Dried food takes less than one sixth of their original storage space and doesn’t require the ongoing electrical drain of a refrigerator or freezer. To store dehydrated food, simply put them in your pantry, garage, or any extra space you have in your home. Likewise, they’re easy to fit into your backpack without you having to bring an ice cooler (or more space for beers)!

7. Low Risk of Bacteria Growth and Spoiling

The dehydration process removes most of the water content from food, thereby minimizing the risk of bacteria growth or spoiling in dehydrated food. This is why campers, hikers and even astronauts commonly consume dehydrated food!

Come check out our dehydrated camping food! We also carry breakfast, meat meals, desserts, vegetarian meals, gluten free meals, and many more.

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