It was a stunning morning at Base Camp Food HQ on Monday. What better way to spend a Monday than outside with big views and big skies to start the week! The weekend orders were sorted and then it was time to head outside. I decided to take along our LYO Expedition Pork Stew and Potatoes to for a test drive!

Limited time before sundown meant I was restricted to a 4 hours up and around the Roaches in the Peak District. The weather was a little cloudy, but dry and with a crispness to the air, and I made good progress to the top of the crags and along to the Trig point.

Once we had worked up an appetite, I set up the stove to boil some water – for the standard LYO food pouch this is about 300ml or just over half a pint. Once boiled, it was simply a case of mixing the contents of the pouch with the water, giving a good stir, and then covering and leaving for about 10 minutes. This was the hardest part as I was pretty hungry and it smelt great!

After (nearly!) 10 minutes, I performed a final stir and tucked in...

The sauce consistency is thin but very tasty. There were plenty of pork pieces which were really tender. What I really noticed was the potatoes actually tasted of potato – sounds obvious but it is a struggle to get fresh vegetables which actually taste like they are supposed to nowadays! There is a good selection of other, finely chopped, veg and it all comes together really well.

As with all LYO, it is packaged well and extremely lightweight. The calorie count is lower than some of our other products and I would suggest if you are very hungry, or in need of a real calorie hit, to consider the larger version. However, it tastes great, and if you want a hot, tasty meal back at camp after a few hours activity (or equally during a rest stop whilst out) then it doesn’t get much better than this. This would also be perfect as a camping meal, having headed up in to the hills late on, for a wild camp and an early start!

Happy Exploring!


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