LYO Expedition Mash & Cheese by Mathieu Maynadier



LYO Expedition Mash & Cheese by Mathieu Maynadier - A creamy, ultra cheesy and ready in no time delicious meal that will keep you going!

Chewing and swallowing at high altitudes are rarely easy and alpinists know it better than anyone else. So when stories from Mathieu Maynadier’s experiences had the people at LYO Expedition thinking… "How about we create a dish that would be effortless to consume and at the same time provide enough energy to keep you going?" That is, after all, the very essence of the idea behind the LYO EXPEDITION line.

Mashed potatoes and a hand-picked selection of the finest cheeses combined with mushrooms marinated in a homemade Worcester sauce. Mesdames et Messieurs, presenting Mash & Cheese by Mathieu Maynadier. He dreamt it, LYO Expedition freeze-dried it

Mash & Cheese by Mathieu Maynadier is the third meal from a unique menu of meals developed together between Lyo Expedition and their brand ambassadors

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives or artificial additives
  • Easy to prepare
  • Gluten-Free

Ingredients: Cheese sauce (milk 59%, Cheddar cheese 18%, Pecorino Romano cheese (PDO) 8%, potato flour, Gruyère cheese 3,5%, butter, onion, spices) mushrooms in tamarind sauce (mushrooms 89%, olive oil, salt, apple vinegar, agave syrup, tamarind, spices)

Allergy Information: Contains Milk, Cheese.

Nutrition Per 100g
Energy 539kcal, Protein 18g, Carbohydrates 33g, Sugar 5.6g, Fat 37g, Saturated Fat 19g, Fibre 4.1g, Salt 3.4g

Nutrition Per 90g serving (370g Rehydrate)
Energy 485kcal, Protein 16g, Carbohydrates 30g, Sugar 5g, Fat 33g, Saturated Fat 17g, Fibre 3.7g, Salt 3.1g

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