Tato Gear - AB-13 Hybrid Stove

Title: Tato Gear AB-13 Hybrid Stove


The AB-13 Hybrid Alcohols Stove is a wick and jet stove. It brings the best of both worlds together in a compact, light weight alcohol burner that features fold-out legs on the bottom to increase the stability to help prevent tipping as well as legs to act as a pot stand. The folding design minimizes loose parts that could otherwise be lost easily. It’s fold flat design provides a compact and easily packable stove. This super strong design  is rugged and sleek that is Heiny and Foster pot ready yet strong enough to place your larger pots on. This alcohol wick  stove can be remote fed and extends burn times.
Perfect for the minimalist backpackers.


  • Burns Hot Like a Jet Stove
  • Compact Like a Wick Stove
  • Legs Folds for Compact Packing
  • Super Light Weight. Only 16 Grams
  • Super Strong Rugged Design
  • Use Multiple Wick Configurations for Different Burn Patters
  • Remote Feed for Long Burn Times


  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Material: Anodized Alumimiun



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