Solo Stove Ranger Kit

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The Ranger Kit includes both the Solo Stove Range Stove and the Stand.

The Solo Stove Range fire pit takes the design of the Solo Stove Bonfire and Yukon but in a smaller size which makes it more travel friendly (or for smaller outdoor spaces).

As with all the Solo Stove fire pits, it is very easy to light and quickly builds to an impressive flame. We love that once it is going it is virtually smokeless. This is because of the clever design which uses the double wall and vents at the top of the stove so the smoke 'reburns'.

The Solo Stove Range is incredibley efficient. It uses small logs or wood chunks but this all burns down to a very fine ash which is easy to dispose of (when cooled!).

All the benefits of wood campfire or fire pit but easier to light, less mess and no more stinging eyes, and smokey clothes!

It comes with a handy carry cases making it easier to transport.

The stand which comes with the Solo Stove Ranger Kit means the stove can be used on heat senstivie surfaces, whilst providing plenty of airflow.


  • Fire Ring: designed to keep the fire centred and even. It sits securely on the top and when turned upside down, nests inside for simple storage.
  • Secondary Burn: vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen to fuel the flame resulting in a more complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke.
  • Precision Base Plate: allows oxygen to be fed directly to embers from below. This helps to burn biofuel faster and hotter while allowing spent ash to fall out of process.
  • Ash Pan: catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow. The ash pan also acts as a heat shield and prevents your fire pit from scorching the ground beneath it.
  • Airflow: rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber.

Stands Features:

  • Easy to Set Up: center your Ranger on top of the stand, it's that easy!
  • Ample Airflow: extra airflow vents allow the Ranger to be used on more surfaces.
  • Easy to Store: place your stand right inside your Ranger for easy storage/

Specifications Ranger:

  • Weight: 15lbs / 6.8kg
  • Diameter: 15" / 38.1cm
  • Height: 12.5" / 31.8cm
  • Material: 304 & 430 Stainless Steel
  • Fuel: chunk firewood and split logs
Specifications Ranger Stand:
    • Weight: 1.37lbs / 0.62kg
    • Height: 2.75" / 6.99cm
    • Diameter: 13" / 33cm
    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

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