Solo Stove Bonfire

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The most amazing backyard fire pit! Ultra-efficient airflow means no more unburnt logs and your clothes won’t smell like smoke.

The Solo Stove Bonfire is an incredible, smokeless fire pit that is ideal for the garden but can be taken on trips away.

It isn't the same as other fire pits. It uses the unique Solo Stove design, which started in small, lightweight backpacking stoves to create an ultra-efficient, smokeless (nearly) fire pit.

The Solo Stove Bonfire uses logs (we find kiln-dried hardwood logs best!) or wood chunks. It is really easy to light and once it gets going there is nearly no smoke - no more smell clothes or stinging eyes! It burns down to very little ash which is then easy to clean and dispose of.

The secret is in the double-walled design. Air is pulled up the walls of the fire pit and then feeds through the top vents to provide an extra boost of the hot air which then burns again - it burns the smoke and produces amazing flames.

Please do speak to one of the team if you have any questions, we use our Bonfire a lot!


  • Assembled size: Height 49.5cm 
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Materials: 304 stainless steel,
  • Fuel:  Firewood Logs


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As seen on ITV's This Morning on Monday 11th October where it was highly recommended by Alice Beer.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Amasanti

Absolutely fantastic , i have been looking for a fire pit for a while and thought I would try this after seeing it on tv, No smoke and the heat is great. I would recommend

Stephen Hagan

This is an excellent high quality piece of kit. I bought it because of it’s portability. It cools down quickly so can be moved fairly soon after fire stops. It is expensive but for me well worth it.

John H

It's a gorgeous piece of kit.

We don't have a lot of outside space, so we could only use a low-smoke option - this is exactly what we were after.

It's also very attractive, fun and efficient. Not three adjectives that usually go together.

Service from Base Camp Food was spot-on, also.


We bought the bonfire after standing around one at our friend’s in the states. It creates a hot, nearly smokeless fire wherever you want. Really easy to get going in windy conditions, and also easy to clean out and store in the included carry sack. And the bonus is you can move it anywhere you want! Definitely 5 stars :)

Basecamp pricing was great and their delivery time phenomenal. Ordered on a Friday and it arrived on Sunday!

Rick Gascoyne

Plenty of heat and little smoke. Really pleased with my purchase.

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