Sea to Summit eVac Dry Sack

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Size: 3L Grey
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The eVac Dry Sack packs easily into a backpack as air is squeezed out of the sack without letting moisture in.

Waterproof, air permeable eVent® fabric on the base for valve-free air expulsion, allowing compact packing. Instead of straps for compression, just roll the sack down and air is pushed out of the base. Then close the buckle and you’ve just saved space. These sacks are oval-shaped, rather than round so they better fit the internal contours of a backpack.


  • Air permeable, waterproof eVent® fabric base.
  • Valve-free air expelling design for compact packing.
  • 70D fabric for strength.
  • Oval base resists rolling, packs more efficiently.
  • Waterproof non-wicking Hypalon roll top closure.
  • 10,000mm waterhead, lightweight durable nylon.
  • All seams are double stitched and tape sealed.
  • White interior for better visibility of contents.
  • Use: storage of compressible contents, such as clothes and sleeping bags.


Oval Base x Height:
3L - (17x11cm) x 28cm
5L - (17x11cm) x 39cm
8L - (21x13cm) x 44cm
13L - (23x15cm) x 51cm
20L - (27x17cm) x 60cm
35L - (33x21cm) x 70cm
65L - (38x25cm) x 85cm
3L - 42g
5L - 48g
8L - 58g
13L - 69g
20L - 86g
35L - 112g
65L - 148g

Customer Reviews

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Sim Hamilton
Long Distance Walker - protecting my sleep system is everything

I have a selection of these Dry bags, As a UK hiker, its wet, humid and damp. So protecting my sleep system is everything. I bundle my sleep system into one of these bags, and the eVac material allows the excess air to escape, when closed. This allows me to push it kit into all corners of my Backpack using all the space, getting that perfect shape and load.

Sim Hamilton
Perfect Rucksack liner

UK proof, wet and damp, as a dry liner for my rucksacks, the fact the air can be squeezed out when closed you can fill your rucksack, without the dry bag ballooning. I have used these for years, and 1000plus miles still have the same one.

Nigel Jenner
Sea to Summit Dry sack

Everything it says about the Dry sack is true

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