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PRIMUS Windscreen



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Windscreen focuses more warmth on your food increasing your stoves efficiency, shortening cooking time and saving fuel. Packs conveniently around the gas cartridge making it easy to transport. Fits Primus ExpressStove, TiLite and most other cartridge mounted stoves with a small flame ring. Please note that the windscreen requires at least an 11 mm (0.5 inch) wide air gap between the pot bottom and the windscreen, and can only be used with stoves with am upwards directed flame (and not to the sides) to avoid over heating. For more information please read the safety information. Stove and gas cartridge sold separately.



  • Extremely Durable
  • Compact
  • Makes your stove faster and more efficient


  • Height (mm): 74
  • Diameter (mm): 105
  • Weight 65 grams
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