PRIMUS Trek Pot 1.0L

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Primus Trek Pot 1.0L is a great affordable pot, it includes a pot, frying pan and two handles.

Made of hard anodised aluminum with a slightly thicker bottom than the sides of the pot which helps keeps the temperature throughout the pot more even. This minimises the risk that food will burn and stick to the bottom. The bottom also has a spiral pattern which provides good friction against the pot support and better heat transfer.

The frying pan is made of hard anodized aluminum and serves as a lid for the pot. It has a non-stick ceramic coating for easier cooking.


  • Trek Pot 1.0 L
  • Frying Pan
  • Two Handles (One of the handles provides a sturdy grip for the pot and also secures the lid/frying pan for packing. The other handle is used for the frying pan so both the pot and frying pan can be used at the same time, and can be packed inside the pot.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Hard-anodised aluminium with ceramic nonstick coating


  • Volume: 1ltr
  • Height (mm): 145
  • Diameter (mm): 117
  • Weight 270 grams
  • P741410

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